Natural Citizen


There is a stark contrast between craft and mass-produced. Our mission is to create well-crafted consumer experiences. We are not just another brand. Through elevated design, better ingredients, better materials, and superior craftsmanship, we aim to deliver a pleasurable experience every time you interact with one of our crafted goods.

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M-F 8AM to 5PM EST


Natural Citizen, LLC
5660 Strand Court #A208
Naples, FL 34110



We are a family-owned small business based in Florida. Our story began in 2012 in southern California just as we got married and started growing our family. Conversations around our dinner table may include the following: bottles, sprayers, ingredients and fragrance. We started with Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser in 2012, but quickly grew into Natural Citizen, as a vehicle to explore new brands, and with a focus on craft and quality. These brands include our men’s grooming line, Old Ron’s Barber Co., and London Laundry Ironing Spray. We also cultivate lines under our house label, Natural Citizen, such as our bug spray and all-purpose cleaner. As we grow, we stay committed to our mission: crafted goods for home and you.


High Quality

Design: from ergonomic design to safe packaging for transit, each of our products is put to the test to ensure the best experience possible. Ingredients: our policy is simple: if leading health-focused grocery chains prohibit the ingredient, then so do we.


Being Different

From the goods we choose to make, to the way we design those goods and deliver them to you, we aim to always be different. We believe there is a stark contrast between craft and mass-produced and no matter what we do, we always focus on maintaining our roots as a small, family business that focuses on quality and being different.



We thank our customers for their feedback and support over the years. By listening to their feedback and incorporating their ideas into what we do, we are an unstoppable duo. We look forward to many more years to come, serving our customers and tailoring our approach to their needs.