Unscented Wrinkle Releaser

$ 11.95

  • Blasts away most wrinkles in minutes
  • Leaves clothes fresh and presentable without having to iron
  • Unscented so it's great for household items like drapes and table linens
  • Plant-based formula is less sticky and just as effective as supermarket brands
  • Big 32-ounce bottle lasts for dozens of uses

Scent: Unscented

Ingredients: Conditioned water, plant-based quaternary compound and preservative

Instructions: For detailed instructions, visit the wrinkle releaser instructions page

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Customer Reviews

Based on 199 reviews
Shocked that this worked :)

I bought this with low expectations. This is a plain white cotton t-shirt before spraying and 15 minutes later. I'm not a fan of ironing but couldn't wear it as wrinkled as it was. This is definitely good enough. :) It does make the fabric wet, so be sure to spray it the night before you plan to wear it so it has time to dry, and pull it straight a few times to help the wrinkles come out. I marked it low for traveling because the bottle is huge - I'll have to see if there is a travel size because it would be nice for traveling. (Or I'll transfer it to a smaller spray bottle)

It really works!

I was totally skeptical that this would work, but it does! I hate ironing and I don't like to dry many of my clothes because I am tall and I don't want them to shrink. This is a nice easy alternative!

Y B.

Works really well!

Awesome Non-Toxic Product

WONDERFUL product...beats having to iron! I am so thankful for this item because it is such a time saver. I've placed several reorders & will be giving away for Christmas gifts. For traveling you'll need to get a small empty spray bottle. Initally, I purchased a small spray bottle by another company for $7 which worked well but expensive & didn't last long as I was trying it on various clothing. It was a thrill to find Cold Iron at a more economical price and it works!

Works great

This works great. Much easier than ironing. And no scent!