Can You Iron a Wool Suit? September 09 2017

Learn about the proper way to iron and care for your suit. Perhaps you've just run out of Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser and you don't own a steamer. In this case you might just have to iron that suit, so learn the proper way here.

Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner by Natural Citizen November 02 2016

You never know just what kind of mess you’ll have to clear up at home. Food stains, pet stains, kid stains, water stains: the sheer number of ways a house can get messy is staggering. Different messes can require special cleaning equipment and cleaners, and over time you may find your storage spaces overly filled with cleaning supplies. Concentrated plant based all purpose cleaner cuts down on this problem significantly. Just one bottle for many uses IS the way to go.

plant based all purpose cleaner

Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner 

While it’s always good to be prepared, having to buy so many different kinds of cleaners can be cumbersome. Furthermore, having large numbers of different kind of chemicals around the house isn’t always the safest thing, especially if there are children or pets in the house. As a result, it’s usually best to keep harmful chemicals to a minimum at home. However, you don’t need a lot of harmful chemicals to keep your house clean. There is actually a wide array of safeer cleaners to be found in stores and online that make keeping your house clean safe, easy, and even environmentally responsible. An excellent example of this kind of special cleaning product would be the Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner by Natural Citizen

Natural Citizen aims to create products out of ingredients that are as close to nature as possible. We love ingredients that are gentle yet effective and when we can, we will offer products that are unscented like our fragrance free plant based all purpose cleaner. This product is plant based, and contains powerful dirt fighting soap made from plant and vegetable oils. We zoop it up with some germ fighting denatured alcohol, which is also plant derived. 

Almost all of the ingredients in our plant based all purpose cleaner are made from plant-based sources except the preservative which is a synthetic ingredient and is NOT considered natural. For that reason we do not describe our plant based all purpose cleaner as “All Natural” because clearly, it is not. It’s made mostly from plant derived ingredients, but does include a small percentage of a synthetic preservative. 

Uses for Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner by Natural Citizen 

With our Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner by Natural Citizen, you can clean almost wherever you want without having to worry about getting nasty and dangerous chemicals on your furniture, cooking ware, hardwood flooring, or anything really. We say almost because since this is a soap-based formula, it might darken or stain porous surfaces, so be careful and test a small area first. 

When it comes to home supplies, less is always more, which is what makes the Plant based All Purpose Cleaner by Natural Citizen so amazing. Make your own concoction as strong or light as you like, and since its unscented, feel free to add a few drops of your favorite fragrance. No need to worry about adding carrier oils, as the alcohol already present will do the job. Some people even believe that thyme and pine oils have antiseptic cleaning properties, which might be another way to upgrade your plant based all purpose cleaner should you choose. 

Chemical cleaners can smell very strong, and can be harmful to inhale at any stage, even after it’s been used to clean a surface. Plant based all purpose cleaner by Natural Citizen eliminates the need to air out your house yet still provides a tough dirt and grime fighting punch. 

Natural Bug Spray Has Effective Essential Oils October 31 2016

The latest product from Natural Citizen is a 100% DEET-free bug spray. This natural bug spray with essential oils will help you deter annoying pests without damaging the environment. 

Natural Bug Spray with Essential Oils 

Most of the naturally occurring ingredients come directly from plants and only require a slight amount of mechanical processing to extract their goodness. 

The National Institute of Health defined natural products as those that come from anything alive at some point: plants, animals, fungi, and even bacteria. All of the extracts must come from living organisms that grow and develop on their own in nature. This includes things like vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics, which are actually beneficial bacteria.

natural bug spray 

How is Natural Bug Spray with Essential Oils Defined? 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also has guidelines about what can be called a natural product on the bottle, jar, box, or another wrapping. Most of their rules have to do with food. While completely natural food would require you to go to the plant and pick it yourself, making sure that no fertilizers or pesticides ever came anywhere near it, the FDA's rules are not that strict. They require food that is labeled as natural to have no synthetic additives, preservatives, colors, or flavors. 

Although our natural bug spray made with essential oils is certainly not a food product, we decided to label it as natural based on the FDA's guidelines. We add no color, artificial preservatives, and certainly no flavorings (Yuck!) to the bug spray. 

Ingredients of the Natural Bug Spray 

(As of publishing, ingredients may change, consult your bottle)

  • Soybean oil. The oil is mechanically extruded from natural soybeans.
  • Essential oils. These come directly from plants and are extracted by pressing, steaming or using a carbon dioxide extraction method on them.
  • Xanthan gum, which comes from corn or other vegetables
  • Citric acid, which comes from citrus fruits like lemon and orange.
  • Vanillin*

*Quick Information About Vanillin 

You find vanillin mostly in vanilla flavoring that is used for baking, and it is usually completely synthetic. If you were to get real vanilla beans and extract the flavor compounds from it, a bottle of vanilla extract would have such a high price no one will be able to make cookies. Because growing vanilla is very limited geographically, farming more is not an environmentally sound option. Instead of genuine vanilla, we use a vanillin substitute derived from another plant. This compound is much less expensive, kinder ecologically speaking, and just as effective in our Deet-free bug spray with essential oils.

Wrinkle Releaser Plus Odor and Static Control October 19 2016

When I first graduated from University, I got a job in the financial auditing field that sent me across the country on two-week long business trips to visit clients. I had to live out of a suitcase for a minimum of 10 nights every month. Choosing wrinkle-resistant synthetic fabrics such as polyester helped, but they did not offer the professional style I wished to present. As my dress shirts and pants began to wear out, they would shine to an unattractive degree under fluorescent lighting in the office buildings. If I had known about wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control then, I could have worn much more professional outfits without worrying. 

wrinkle releaser for travel

No one wants to bring an iron and ironing board on a business trip or vacation. Some hotels and inns have ironing boards in each room, such as the Hampton Inn that I love staying in at the time (They have delicious French toast sticks too!). But as a young career person, I was much more interested in checking out the nightlife in the western US, sampling the bars' signature cocktails and having fun than staying in my room ironing. 

Wrinkle Releaser Plus 

Instead of putting an iron in each room, perhaps the Hampton Inn and other quality hotels across the country should stock wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control. I certainly wish I had known about it back in those days. I can just imagine what the high-powered businessmen must have thought about the young worker covered head to toe in worn-out, shiny polyester. I probably looked like a reject from a 1970s car lot rather than an educated financial auditor. 

I remember the outfits like it was yesterday. Because they were easy and matched everything, I always grabbed the Calvin Klein polyester blend slacks in black. They would last and last, just getting shinier as the months went by. When it got too bad, I tended to accidentally forget them in one hotel room or another. A quick trip to the store got me a replacement pair of the same horrible synthetics. 

Not only was I battling wrinkles in those days, but the laundry facilities in hotels are not always the greatest either. Nobody wants to take their polyester pants down to a local dry cleaning shop and hope to get them back before you needed to move on to the next location. One summer I found myself in Mexico, walking through roasting warehouses and counting stock. That was one time when wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control would have definitely come in handy, especially the odor control part. Imagine 90° plus in polyester pants. That pair probably got "forgotten" in the hotel trash can.

The Verdict on Wrinkle Releaser 

Those days of hot Mexican warehouses and two-week trips across the country are gone, but my love of travel still remains. One of the first things that always goes into my bag is a bottle of wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control. It has become as important to the travel experience is my toothbrush. And now, I get to wear pants that do not look like shiny plastic after a few washes.

Travel Wrinkle Releaser: A Pro's Secret October 14 2016

When travelling either locally or abroad, it’s a nightmare for most people having to carry a space consuming iron or having to search around for one. With Travel Wrinkle Releaser, all you need to carry around a reasonable sized bottle of TSA-compliant 3 oz travel wrinkle releaser that contains the ingredients: conditioned water, plant quaternary compounds, preservatives and fragrance. With these high quality ingredients, this product makes a compact plant based fabric relaxer.

travel wrinkle releaser

Travel Wrinkle Releaser

Essentially how the product works is when someone sprays the water onto the garment the wrinkle releaser covers the fabric and the gravity of the water does the remaining work by stretching the fabrics and panning out the wrinkles. The ingredients in the travel wrinkle releaser lower the surface tension of the water, allowing the water to better cover the fabric without getting too wet. A great result of this spray is that it leaves no discomfort, you won’t feel wet or sticky when you put the clothes on, you will feel fresh and ready to go.. 

To make travelling easier this travel wrinkle releaser offers a specific sized remover for the purpose of travelling (3oz). It has a very exotic fragrance to it that smells like a sea breeze and has a touch of orange blossoms. The pleasant scent is just enough to freshen up your clothes and brighten your mood without competing with your other fragrances.

For a lot of people who travel frequently, their clothes are rolled up in their suitcases, all they would need to do is get them out and spray them down, smooth out the wrinkles and hang them up ready to dry in no time. The spray can be used on all kinds of clothes, shirts, tops, suits and trousers. 

A larger bottle of wrinkle releaser can also be purchased that comes in a fresh citrus minty scent that is very clean and refreshing. The bottle is much bigger than the regular bottle at 32 oz, this is the perfect sharing product that your friends or family can use when needed when travelling aboard and before going off for a nice meal at a fancy restaurant.

Alternately, If you’re away on business and constantly are in need of snapping out a new suite, this product at its size can be a key tool for success in your style, bringing you more confidence and less stress trying to iron with a regular ironing equipment.

The Wrinkle Remover is a great and effective alternative to ironing or going to the dry cleaners. The ironing process can all be done with the simple use of the Wrinkle Remover.


When using the Travel Wrinkle Remover please be aware that the ingredients in the spray can cause possible eye irritations like many other sprays. This spray is not designed or safe for human consumption or animal consumption. Please avoid swallowing the liquid and ensure it is kept away from children and pets. Do not spray into eyes, however if one does quickly rinse with water and seek medical attention.

Our product formulation has proven safe with most fabrics however to ensure your clothes do not sustain damage, please spray a small amount on clothing to test if safe to use, especially on silk or rayon. Learn more about all of our products at

Will Wrinkle Releaser Really Help My Clothes? October 05 2016

It can be a hard decision to try out a wrinkle releaser product that may or may not work as you expect it to. We make the decision easier with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase our wrinkle releaser and are not totally happy with the results, just get in touch with us and we will offer a solution. If that alone does not convince you, read on to learn more about this helpful product. 

How Effective is Wrinkle Releaser? 

Begin your investigation about whether wrinkle releaser truly helps or not on the largest online retailer in the world, You will find the majority of the reviews are glowingly positive for not only our brand but others as well. 

Even Good Housekeeping, the long-time favorite source of household information and product reviews, did a study on one of the top brands of wrinkle releaser. They showed without a doubt that this type of product is an excellent way to revive and refresh casual clothing. 

Anyone who has ever tried this type of product understands how true this is. While wrinkle releaser truly makes a difference for your clothes, it cannot replace ironing in all circumstances. Your professional clothing, such as a dress shirt or blouse will not come out crisply pressed, but more casual attire will no longer need any time on the ironing board to be ready to wear. Wrinkle releaser offers an alternative to that bothersome chore. 

One of the best uses for wrinkle releaser is for those without access to irons and ironing boards, such as people on vacation. A recent Trip Advisor post highlighted at someone asking "Do wrinkle sprays really work?" Eleven people answered that post with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Most were quite happy with the product's ability to make clothing presentable, although one woman from Ottawa stated that "it all depends on the wrinkle." 

On the Cruise Critic website, 21 people responded to a post about wrinkle releasing spray. The vast majority was impressed with how well it worked on their cruise wear. 

As stated above, wrinkle releaser will not make every wrinkle disappear like magic. I have personally used this product for about five years and am very satisfied with the results. However, if a serious crease in a stiff fabric occurs, wrinkle releaser may not work. On the other hand, those are difficult to iron out as well. These sprays work best on natural fabrics such as cotton and wool. 

wrinkle releaser

YouTube Reviews and Opinions About Wrinkle Releaser 

If you prefer to get product reviews from YouTube, you can find plenty of people commenting about wrinkle releaser sprays as well. Video fans can watch demonstrations on the various pieces of clothing and types of fabric. This, more than anything else, can educate you about the capabilities of this product before you consider purchasing a can.

Does Wrinkle Releaser Work? January 18 2016

We collected some of the best, most reliable evidence on the web to prove that wrinkle releaser works. We read threads on message boards, watched YouTube videos and read testimonials from some of the web's most trusted resources. Read this, learn more about wrinkle releaser, and try it!

Wrinkle Releaser Reviews August 21 2015

You spoke, we listened. We talk about some of the reviews we've gotten over the years and how they've shaped our company. We take what our customers say very seriously and continue to try and improve our products.

Wrinkle Releaser Plus Odor and Static Control August 21 2015

This article explains some of the inspiration behind why we created wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control. Road warriors everywhere know what its like to live out of a suitcase. Wrinkle releaser makes that life just a little bit more tolerable.

Wrinkle Release Spray Really Works August 21 2015

We conducted a thorough test on various types of fabrics to see if wrinkle releaser works and if there is a difference in performance on various fabrics. The results were great, and yes: wrinkle releaser works. Learn more about how best to use wrinkle releaser in this article.

Natural Bug Spray with Essential Oils August 21 2015

Our Deet-free bug spray that is all-natural and made with essential oils is selling out fast. But what is a natural bug spray and what is the definition of all-natural? This article helps to explain some of the choices we made behind the ingredients that go into our deet free all natural bug spray with essential oils.

Homemade Wrinkle Releaser August 21 2015

Having pursued many DIY projects over the years, I have found that some work, some fail, but in many cases it can be better to just buy store-bought and save yourself the time and hassle. Wrinkle Releaser is no different. Homemade versions simply don't stack up.

Why is There a Surfactant in my Wrinkle Releaser? August 05 2015

Let's talk a little about the science behind Cold Iron Wrinkle Releasers. What are surfactants? What's a non-ionic surfactant? Why are they adding these things? Where do they come from?

Repel Mosquitoes Safely with a DEET Free Bug Spray July 15 2015

We worked with a real entomologist to create our very own DEET free bug spray. Chemicals like DEET may be cheap yet very effective, but are they worth it? Why not play it safe and use a natural product? Our DEET free bug spray is made only from ingredients that come from nature and in a formulation whipped up by a real bug doctor.

The Wrinkle Releaser How To July 12 2015

We get emails every day about how to use our wrinkle releasers. This blog series The Wrinkle Releaser How To is meant to educate our fans about the many ways to effectively use Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser. Read up and share your own ideas too.

Traveling Lite - Travel Size Wrinkle Releaser and other Secrets July 01 2015

 I am a big traveler, and things are about to heat up even more as Cold Iron starts finding its way onto shelves of retail shops across America. I will be all over the place doing demos and meeting our fans. That said, I know a thing or two about travel and want to share my knowledge with our fans. Read on to find out a little bit about what I know.

Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser - The Story June 19 2015

This is the story about the cruise to Mexico that started it all. Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser was started out of necessity and its actually a pretty funny story. If you're a fan of Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser, then you'll definitely want to check this out.

From Michelle Moquin: No More Hanger Bumps!! June 12 2015

A women's stylist from the Bay Area found out about us and wanted to share an interesting tip on how to use our wrinkle releaser. Check it out...we didn't even think about this use for wrinkle releaser.

What is Isothiazolinone June 05 2015

Isothiazolinone. What the heck is that? 

It's the preservative we use in our wrinkle releaser. Preservatives are a touchy subject for the natural products community, but this is one that many of us use in our products. 

What is Decyl Glucoside May 18 2015

Decyl glucoside is used in lots of natural products, including our wrinkle releaser. Its made from coconuts and corn. Isn't that coconuts!

Natural Wrinkle Releaser Ironing Alternative September 22 2014

Learn why wrinkle releaser can help make your life easier. Why waste your precious time ironing? Wrinkle releaser can give you almost the same result of a fresh-from-the-dry cleaners garment, but with zero effort. At just a few cents per use, wrinkle releaser is a no brainer.