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How To Iron Dress Shirts Like A Secret Agent

Learn how to iron dress shirts like a top-secret agent with these simple tips. Shoddy shirts make you look like a dope. You know it. People at headquarters know it. Everybody knows it! Learn how to properly iron dress shirts and look like a winner on your next top-secret mission. READ NOW!

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Can You Iron A Wool Suit?

Learn about the proper way to iron and care for your suit. Our London Laundry Ironing Spray makes the job a lot easier. Or, perhaps you've just run out of Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser and you don't own a steamer. In this case you might just have to iron that suit, so learn the proper way here. READ NOW!

Electric Pre-Shave Splash 101: Enhance Your Experience of Using an Electric Razor June 06 2024

Are you a seasoned electric shaver or have you just become a fan of electric grooming? This blog post will help you enhance your experience. We will talk about the pre-shave tips for electric shaving, more specifically: what is an electric pre-shave splash, what are its benefits,  how does it work, and what is it made of? Moreover, we will also guide you toward the resources that help you understand: what to look for in an electric pre-shave splash, and how to use it. 

On The Go? Try Cold Iron Travel Wrinkle Releaser March 28 2024

travel wrinkle releaser
Travelers: all you need to do is grab your suitcase and you're ready to head off your adventure. Forget about wrinkled clothes! Natural Citizen’s travel wrinkle releaser will take care of this problem for you. Let’s take a closer look at this and how it can make life on the road a lot easier.

How to Get the Best Electric Shave December 14 2023

how to get the best electric shave

Here's the buzz...

A great electric shave takes a little practice and routine building. You will also need to make sure you purchase the best razor for your needs. Developing a pre-shave routine is important and easy and that includes the use of a great pre-shave product like Old Ron's Pre-Electric Shave Splash.

Some Great Tips for Packing for a Business Trip November 03 2023


Pack like a business trip pro with these simple tips and tricks. Make a list, pack some travel size wrinkle releaser, and master a few simple techniques to make the best use of your luggage space.

Meet the Natural Citizen Company July 28 2023

the natural citizen company

Our roots go all the way back to 2012 and we thought it might be nice to tell the story about how Natural Citizen began. Thank you for this last decade! We are grateful to our customers and are excited as we approach the next.

Uses For Spray Starch June 26 2023

uses for spray starch

One of the main benefits of using spray starch is it can help to make clothes look crisp and fresh. This is particularly useful for items such as shirts or blouses, where a neat appearance is important. Spray starch can also help reduce wrinkles and creases in fabric, making ironing easier and faster.

Can You Iron Wool? April 27 2023

can you iron wool

Wool can be ironed but must be turned inside out, and a cotton pressing cloth should be used between the garment and the iron to help protect the wool from direct heat. Be sure to use a steam iron set to “wool”, or to 300° F, and keep your iron moving as you work. 

Do You Need to Iron a Dress Shirt? Read this First! February 11 2023

It's dress shirt time and you are faced with a disaster. No matter how good the rest of your gear is, a busted shirt can quickly ruin a good vibe. Here at Natural Citizen, we have two great wrinkle removing options to solve your problem.

1) In a hurry and don't have time to iron? > Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser

2) Have a few minutes? > London Laundry Ironing Spray

It's that simple. If you have wrinkles. We have answers.

How to Iron a Dress Shirt November 10 2022

Here's a simple guide for ironing like a pro. The secret is that pros use the right tools and one of those tools is a great ironing spray like London Laundry.

  1. Set up your ironing board

  2. As the iron heats, clean the soleplate by dragging it across a damp towel

  3. Mist the collar from 12 inches with London Laundry

  4. Lay the collar flat and iron

  5. Repeat the process of spraying and ironing for the sleeves, front and back of shirt

Steam Vs Dry Ironing - The Debate is Over September 16 2022

steam vs dry ironing

The age old dry iron vs steam iron debate is OVER. Turns out its a moot point. No matter what iron you have, you can get maximum results by using London Laundry Ironing Spray.

What is Wrinkle Releaser? July 24 2022

what is wrinkle releaser

While many people believe that ironing is the only way to remove wrinkles from clothing, there are actually a number of alternative methods that can be just as effective. One of these methods is using a wrinkle releaser spray

How Does Wrinkle Release Spray Work? June 03 2022

how does wrinkle releaser work

Many times, when you are running late for your office or any other event, ironing your clothes can be headache. We traditionally use ironing as the go-to method to get rid of wrinkles from our clothes. However, a simple and quicker alternative to ironing is using a wrinkle release spray. You might be wondering how it works.

The Splendid Wonders of Ironing Spray for Clothes April 11 2022

You are all about great first impressions and swagger. An ironing spray for clothes could just solve your wardrobe horrors.

Is there a Substitute for Spray Starch? January 28 2022

substitute for spray starch

Learn how to look refined and classy without leaving your clothes stiff as a board. Who doesn’t want great looking laundry? People that look good usually have a secret product or two up their sleeve and one of those secrets is London Laundry starch alternative. 

How to Use Travel Wrinkle Releaser December 01 2021

Despite what you think, you don’t always need to break out the iron out to remove travel wrinkles. You can easily use travel wrinkle releaser to get effective results. It takes seconds to apply and minutes to see the results.

The History of Electric Razors August 20 2021

history of electric razors

Shaving can actually be traced all the way back to our Neanderthal ancestors. You see your razor every day, so why not learn about where it came from and its glorious history.

How to Iron A Sport Coat *Correction* DO NOT Iron a Sport Coat! May 27 2021

iron a sport coat

Ironing a sport coat breaks down the fabric. Instead, try one of these other methods to freshen up a sport coat without the possibility of damaging your investment. Using an alternative to irons and steamers can not only be more convenient, but you can extend the life of your clothing and keep them looking great for much longer.

Why Wrinkle Releaser is Good for the Planet and your Wallet January 13 2021

wrinkle releaser

By utilizing wrinkle releaser I have cut my dry cleaning by at least half. By freshening my shirts and pants I eliminate about ½ of my trips to the cleaners which saves hundreds of dollars per year, and hours of time. Conservatively speaking it saves me about the price of a plane ticket to Vegas and the time it takes to fly there!

Does Wrinkle Release Spray Work November 20 2020



does wrinkle releaser really work

So, does wrinkle releaser work? Yes, yes, and yes. Wrinkle releaser works. This article explains what's in our wrinkle releaser how it works. Here are just a few examples...

  • T-shirts - yes
  • Blouses - yes
  • Chinos - yes
  • Dress shirts - yes
  • Polyester - sometimes
  • Forehead wrinkles - NO! (believe me, we have been asked)

Does Wrinkle Releaser Work on Polyester? November 22 2019

does wrinkle releaser work on polyester

At Natural Citizen, we often get asked does wrinkle releaser work on polyester?” This article aims to answer that question in detail because unfortunately it’s one of those “well, it depends” kinds of answers.

How to Pack for a 5 Day Business Trip October 08 2019

how to pack for a five day business trip

For the best travel experience, here are the basic tips on how to pack for a 5-day business trip. Packing for a 5-day business trip is easy with these tips. Learn the roll method and how to use squeeze bags to get the most out of your carry-on. Safe travels!

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Clothes Without Ironing September 12 2019

how to get wrinkles out of clothes without ironing

Don't go around looking like a dope. Keep your shirts, suits, and frocks looking fresh and look like you have some sense. Old Ron knows, looking fresh and pressed is hard work, so how do you get wrinkles out of clothes without ironingWell, read this article and find out.

A Better Electric Shave: Fragrance Free Pre-Electric Shave Splash August 21 2019

electric pre shave

If you are an electric shaver, prep for your next shave with an alcohol-based splash like Old Ron’s Pre Electric Shave Splash. A pre-shave splash will rid your whiskers of oil, getting them to stand up tall. This makes it easier for your electric razor to do its work properly. That old adage, the tallest nail gets hammered first, applies here! 

How to Iron Dress Shirts Like a Secret Agent February 01 2019

how to iron dress shirts

Learn how to iron dress shirts like a top-secret agent with these simple tips. Shoddy shirts make you look like a dope. You know it. People at headquarters know it. Your partner knows it. Everybody knows it! Learn how to properly iron dress shirts and look like a winner on your next top-secret mission.