Unscented Ironing Spray

$ 13.95

London Laundry Very Proper Ironing Spray

This is not your auntie's starch. Garments are left crisp but not stiff and your iron glides with ease, busting through the toughest wrinkles. London Laundry is preferred by the world's most prominent manservants, chambermaids, tailors, and costumers. 

  • London Laundry leaves your clothes crisp but not stiff
  • Adds body and life to make clothes look and feel new
  • Added ingredients help your iron glide with ease and bust through wrinkles
  • Expect less flaking than supermarket brands
  • Non-aerosol and non-clogging
  • 32 ounce bottle lasts for dozens of uses

Scent: Sans parfum...no added scent

Ingredients: Water, cellulose gum, fiber relaxers, and preservative

Instructions: Dial proper iron temperature & steam/dry setting. Apply spray 12 or more inches away for a light, even coat. Iron as usual & repeat for added crispness. Allow for adequate dry time before wearing the garment.

Tips: Not recommended for “dry clean only” fabrics. Should flaking occur, be calm and reduce heat. Flakes brush easily away once dry. Maintain clean soleplate by dragging warm iron across damp towel.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Trixie Belden
Best Spray Starch

Use it on rehabbed doll clothes, works great with my steamer.

Makes ironing quick

This is THE BEST spray starch i've ever encountered. No weird, waxy stains on my jeans or shirts and THERE IS NO SMELL!! I also noticed that when I use this spray, I do not need water at all (or very very little). I also noticed that this spray gets out creases easily on lower iron temperatures. Worth every penny.

S. Weeks
Great product

Very nice product. Does the job without all the residue issues of starch.

Works great..wrinkles gone

Does the job without the obnoxious odors of other brands.

Game changer in the electric pre-shave market!

I grew up using Niagara spray starch - that makes things stiff and sticky when humid. This doesn't do that. I am very pleasantly surprised. It has no scent, gives a nice crispness to fabric without making it stiff, and yet it's still a pliable crisp. I will definitely get it again. I would have given it 5 stars except the sprayer sprays out blobs instead of a nice misting and it's more expensive than other brands. Update: I poured some into another spray bottle and now it's perfect! Gives my quilting just the right stiffness. Now if only it were less expensive I'd buy it more often and use it more often. Hint hint manufacturer!