electric pre shave
electric pre shave splash unscented
electric shave preshave
Electric Pre-Shave Splash - Unscented
electric pre shave
electric pre shave splash unscented
electric shave preshave
Electric Pre-Shave Splash - Unscented

Electric Pre-Shave Splash - Unscented

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Electric Pre-Shave Splash for Close Electric Shaves, Less Irritation, and No Fragrance

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Old Ron's Barber Co. Electric Pre-Shave Splash gives you an electric shave that is closer, more smooth, and less irritating, with no added fragrance or colors. 

  • No fragrance - no cheap aftershave scent here
  • No colors - don't need em' so why use 'em?
  • Enjoy a closer shave as the splash lifts your whiskers for easy cutting
  • Notice a smoother shave as the lubricants help your razor glide with ease

Scent: None. Unlike other brands, with Old Ron's you won't smell like cheap aftershave

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Isopropyl Myristate

Instructions: Apply to face and neck. Allow to dry completely (60 seconds). Shave with electric razor, rinse face and neck with cool water.

Note: If you are new to electric shaving, your face will need a few weeks to adjust. It is normal and you should expect mild discomfort for the first few weeks of electric shaving.


  • Remove excess moisture and oil from face with a dry towel
  • Allow the splash to completely dry – 60 seconds or more
  • Shave as usual, going against the grain if possible
  • Post-shave, cleanse face thoroughly to remove lubricants
  • Maintain a clean razor and replace your blades as needed
  • Store this product away from heat and flame

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Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Awesome Product

Have been using it for quite some time now. Have made it the #1 in my grooming care.

Frank Zaccaro
Old Rons Electric Pre-Shave Splash

I used Old Ron's pre shave for the first time recently. It set up the whiskers for an excellent smooth shave, no irritation. There is no strong alcohol smell. This the best I have used. Recommended.

Justin Tolton
It Works

It made shaving easier the first time I used it. I am 76 and those fine grey whiskers are now much easier to shave. Turns out I don't have to use it every time I shave. The effect lasts for a while. I use it as needed.

David Vetterlein

my norelco glides smoothly and no smell

Martin Smith

Best electric pre-shave I’ve ever used

electric pre shave splash

To start, the skin being shaved should be clean and dry. Dispense approximately a nickel-sized amount of product into the palm of your hand. Rub palms together and then apply to the area being shaved. Allow the splash approximately 60 seconds to set. Follow your regular shaving routine.

Wash thoroughly after shaving. This product contains lubricants which may leave a residue if not properly cleansed following your shave. Splash your face with cold water and pat dry. If you are new to electric shaving, there may be some discomfort for the first few weeks. This is normal and will typically go away a few weeks. Discontinue use if you experience and outbreaks or rashes.

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Electric shavers do not have to sacrifice a close shave for the convenience of electric shaving. The secret to a close electric shave is Old Ron’s Electric Pre Shave Splash. The alcohol based splash strips oils away from the hair so that whiskers stand up taller, making for a cleaner cut. The added lubricants help your razor glide across your face so that you can take less passes and reduce irritation. Old Ron’s Electric Pre Shave Splash is also fragrance free so this product will not compete with your other fragrance, such as cologne, or if you prefer to be fragrance free all together. Simply dispense about a nickel-sized amount of product into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, then apply to your face and neck. Shave as usual, going against the grain. Lastly, wash your face with cold water to remove any excess lubricant, as it might leave a residue on your face. Finally, always keep your razor clean and change your blades regularly for best results.


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