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Don't Iron,
Cold Iron!

Cold Iron is the original plant-based ironing alternative. It removes most wrinkles in minutes!

Don't iron... Cold Iron

The original plant-based ironing alternative


Hang the wrinkled garment or lay on a flat surface


Gently mist each side of the garment
Hand-smooth and tug wrinkles


Hang 5 - 10 minutes until completely dry
Look like a boss!

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Our ingredient policy is simple: if leading health-focused grocery chains allow the ingredient, then so do we

Water, Plant-based Quaternary Compound, Mild Preservative, and Fragrance 

Old Ron Says...

Old Ron is the boss of Cold Iron and what Old Ron says goes. And Old Ron says...

“Don’t go around looking like a dope. Use this fancy spray on your shirts, suits, and trousers. Keep your clothes looking fresh and look like you have some sense.”

For Wardrobes

Save time and look fresh. Cold Iron is perfect for minor touch ups between dry cleanings or as an everyday alternative to fighting wrinkled clothing. Wrinkle Releaser is safe on most fabrics and is especially effective on soft cottons like t-shirts, and wool suits.

For Home

Table linens, drapes, and other bulky items are perfect candidates for wrinkle releaser treatment. Just make sure to avoid items that are 100% polyester. Cold Iron does not absorb into fibers of 100% synthetic material.

For Travel

Our travel sizes are TSA compliant so they can go where you do! Perfect for jetsetters, road warriors, and vagabonds alike, Cold Iron travel size wrinkle releaser will help you look fresh without having to look like you’re living out of a suitcase. Travel size is available in both Fragrance Free and Sea Breeze.

The Original Plant-Based Wrinkle Releaser

Plant-Based Ingredients


Made in U.S.A

1000's of Happy Customers


  • Find a wrinkled garment or linen
  • Affix to a hanger or drape over a door or shower rod
  • Gently mist each side of the fabric – DO NOT OVER-WET
  • Hand smooth and tug deeper wrinkles
  • Let dry to completion


  • Make sure the fabric is completely dry before wearing
  • Over-wetting can cause more wrinkles if not allowed adequate dry time
  • Tug at fabric to combat deeper wrinkles
  • Very stubborn wrinkles may require a few minutes in the dryer
  • Avoid use on stiff fabrics like canvas and heavy knits
  • Do not use on 100% synthetic fabrics, Cold Iron will not absorb

Performance Scale

  • Best: wool, Oxfords, soft cotton, t-shirts, polyester blends, flannel
  • Okay: heavy cotton, chinos, denim, poplin
  • Maybe: canvas, heavy knits, recycled cotton
  • Caution: silk, rayon, satin (test a hidden area before use)
  • Avoid: 100% synthetic fibers


Wrinkle Releaser is Good for the Planet and your Wallet

By utilizing wrinkle releaser I have cut my dry cleaning by at least half. By freshening my shirts and pants I eliminate about ½ of my trips to the cleaners which saves hundreds of dollars per year, and hours of time. Conservatively speaking it saves me about the price of a plane ticket to Vegas and the time it takes to fly there!

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At Natural Citizen, we often get asked “does wrinkle releaser work on polyester?” This article aims to answer that question in detail because unfortunately it’s one of those “well, it depends” kinds of answers.

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