Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser

cold iron wrinkle releaser

Removes Most Wrinkles in Minutes

Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser is the original plant-based ironing alternative. Since 2012 Cold Iron has been eliminating the need to iron, saving people world-wide the hassle of ironing.

  • Plant-based and just as effective as the supermarket brands
  • Available scented or fragrance free
  • Travel size available

Cold Iron was recently named to Conde Nast Traveler’s Travel Essentials List.


wrinkle releaser

For Wardrobes

Save time and look fresh. Cold Iron is perfect for minor touch ups between dry cleanings or as an everyday alternative to fighting wrinkled clothing.

Wrinkle Releaser is safe on most fabrics and is especially effective on soft cottons like t-shirts, and wool suits.

For Home

Table linens, drapes, and other bulky items are perfect candidates for wrinkle releaser treatment. Just make sure to avoid items that are 100% polyester. Cold Iron does not absorb into fibers of 100% synthetic material.

For Travel

Our travel sizes are TSA compliant so they can go where you do! Perfect for jetsetters, road warriors, and vagabonds alike, Cold Iron travel size wrinkle releaser will help you look fresh without having to look like you’re living out of a suitcase.

Travel size is available in both Fragrance Free and Sea Breeze.

Recommended Use

  • Find a wrinkled garment or linen
  • Affix to a hanger or drape over a door or shower rod
  • Gently mist each side of the fabric – DO NOT OVER-WET
  • Hand smooth and tug deeper wrinkles
  • Let dry to completion


  • Make sure the fabric is completely dry before wearing
  • Over-wetting can cause more wrinkles if not allowed adequate dry time
  • Tug at fabric to combat deeper wrinkles
  • Very stubborn wrinkles may require a few minutes in the dryer
  • Avoid use on stiff fabrics like canvas and heavy knits
  • Do not use on 100% synthetic fabrics, Cold Iron will not absorb

Performance Scale

Best: wool, Oxfords, soft cotton, t-shirts, polyester blends, flannel

Okay: heavy cotton, chinos, denim, poplin

Maybe: canvas, heavy knits, recycled cotton

Caution: silk, rayon, satin (test a hidden area before use)

Avoid: 100% synthetic fibers

What People are Saying

Cassandra – Sooo much better than the other stuff!!

Not going to single anybody out here, but this stuff blows the competition out of the water. It smells great, with a nice clean note. Performance wise it works better too. This wrinkle releaser is a great value given its quality and packaging.

Marilyn – Works great, so much faster than steaming

I had a very wrinkled curtain that needed steaming. It took forever and was a daunting process. So I got some of this and sprayed it down with this wrinkle release spray and it worked in minutes. The majority of the offending wrinkles fell right out. Don't even need the steamer now.

Melanie – I suck at ironing

I suck at ironing so I thought this might be a good alternative. Came quick and seems to do the trick!

Brian - Tried others, but this is the one

I love Atlas because when I travel, I do not have to worry about a garment bag. I travel a lot for my job and this travel wrinkle releaser helps out so much because my shirts look fresh and I don't have to check a garment bag or worse yet, iron in a hotel room. Atlas allows me to get through the airport quickly with nothing more than a roll-on. I tend to find that spraying with the travel size wrinkle releaser at night is the best way to go. That way they the shirt has had plenty of time to dry and is ready to go into action in the morning.

Kevin Max – Tired of the chemical stickiness

Tired of the chemical stickiness of the “famous” brand, and the fake fragrance, I thought I would give this a try. I wear mostly cotton, which wrinkles easily, so I was excited when I came across this one. I used it on a wrinkled t-shirt and it worked great and it didn't leave the stickiness all over the shirt like the other brand. The smell is pleasant and does not knock you out. It definitely won't clash with anything else you're wearing.

Humor Fan – One year, still going

This item was bought almost a year ago and has been used regularly. While this winkle releaser might be a little more expensive that the other stuff, it is definitely worth the money. I take it with me on every business trip and it saves me a lot of time and hassle of needing to iron my clothes in a hotel room. The smoothing step is critical. Take the extra time to smooth things out thoroughly and the winkle releaser will work much better. IMHO it takes a good 10 minutes for something to be ready to wear. 

Original reviews can be read here.

Advanced Wrinkle Releaser Techniques...

For Experts Only!

The Zorro

Affix the garment to a hanger. Grasp the hanger by its hook and cut through the air in a Z-pattern.

The Airplane

Grasp the garment by the hook and spin it around in the air like an airplane propeller.

The Matador

Grasp the hanger and whip the garment in the air as would a matador with his muleta. We call this wrinkle releaser drying technique El Matador.

Who is Old Ron?

Old Ron is the boss of Cold Iron. What Old Ron says, goes.

And Old Ron says “Don’t go around looking like a dope. Use this fancy spray on your shirts, suits, and trousers. Keep your clothes looking fresh and look like you have some sense.”