Electric Pre-Shave Splash - Unscented

$ 12.99

Close Electric Shaves - Less Irritation – No Fragrance

Old Ron's Barber Co. Electric Pre-Shave Splash gives you an electric shave that is closer, more smooth, and less irritating, with no added fragrance or colors. 

  • No fragrance - no cheap aftershave scent here
  • No colors - don't need em' so why use 'em?
  • Enjoy a closer shave as the splash lifts your whiskers for easy cutting
  • Notice a smoother shave as the lubricants help your razor glide with ease

Scent: None. Unlike other brands, with Old Ron's you won't smell like cheap aftershave

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Isopropyl Myristate

Instructions: Apply to face and neck. Allow to dry completely (60 seconds). Shave with electric razor, rinse face and neck with cool water.

Note: If you are new to electric shaving, your face will need a few weeks to adjust. It is normal and you should expect mild discomfort for the first few weeks of electric shaving.


  • Remove excess moisture and oil from face with a dry towel
  • Allow the splash to completely dry – 60 seconds or more
  • Shave as usual, going against the grain if possible
  • Post-shave, cleanse face thoroughly to remove lubricants
  • Maintain a clean razor and replace your blades as needed
  • Store this product away from heat and flame

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Closest. Shave. Ever.

Better than Speick, American Shaving Pre Shave Oil, and No. 63 (the worst of the lot). Closest electric shave I've ever had. Didn't need to spend three hundred bucks for the top-of-the-line Braun. Bought another bottle immediately, just in case.

Rick Dilley
Great Unscented Electric Pre-shave

This is by far the best electric pre-shave splash I have used. Absolutely no scent after the alcohol scent dissipates, and very slick for a very quick and smooth shave. Would absolutely recommend to anybody looking for a unscented electric pre-shave. It comes in a semi rigid bottle with a small hole for shaking on to hand. Bottle is slightly squeezable but I havent had to squeeze it.

No scent

Most preshaves have a sweet scent - Electric Pre-Shave Splash is essentially scent free which I prefer. The scent of most other products cloy and linger. And, this product works very well.

Phil D.
Great Stuff

Works great, smells nice, much better the Lectric Shave

Stephen Lucas, A
Works well

Works well