A Better Electric Shave: Fragrance Free Pre-Electric Shave Splash August 21 2019

electric pre shave splash

There are two shaving types: wet shavers and electric shavers (and I guess a third, non-shavers.) For the electric shavers, electric razors are a convenient option, giving a close shave wherever you are. However, no matter what type of shaver you are, to get the best shave, you need a good pre-shave routine.

A major part of this is the pre-shave routine is that you properly prepare. If you are a wet shaver, that might be with a beard oil like Old Ron’s Beard Oil. A beard oil enhances your shaving cream’s performance and helps nourish your skin in the process. So, the next time you wet shave, try applying a little beard oil before applying your cream and you will see and feel a huge difference.

If you are an electric shaver, prep for your next shave with an alcohol-based splash like Old Ron’s Pre Electric Shave Splash. A pre-shave splash will rid your whiskers of oil, getting them to stand up tall. This makes it easier for your electric razor to do its work properly. That old adage, the tallest nail gets hammered first, applies here! The pre-electric shave splash also provides a lubrication to help your razor glide with ease.

electric pre shave splash

A fragrance free pre-electric shave splash is an excellent option for a variety of different reasons. For one thing, the fragrance free pre-electric shave splash is great for people who have sensitive skin.  Quite simply, a fragrance free pre-electric shave splash offers the closest shave with a lot less irritation.

What makes our fragrance free pre-electric shave splash special? It’s all about the ingredients. Alcohol denat may sound like something awful to have in your pre-shave products, but there is actually a lot of benefit to it. This particular alcohol is great because it helps other ingredients, like the isopropyl myristate, absorb into the skin and protect your skin from the hot blades of the razor. It also helps remove the oils that weigh down your whiskers. Isopropyl myristate is commonly used as a lubricant in various types of beauty products. It perfectly lubricates the skin without the oily feel that some other oils may leave behind on the skin.

With this product you also don’t have to deal with that overwhelming and often unpleasant scent. There are also no added colors, reducing the extra ingredients so that it is safer for sensitive skin.

Using Fragrance Free Electric Pre-Shave Splash

This fragrance free pre-electric shave splash is very easy to use. You just need to apply it to the neck and face, letting it dry completely before you shave. This could take up to a minute. Then, shave with your electric razor and rinse as you would normally. Be sure that you shave against the grain so that you get the closest shave possible. After you are done shaving, you should take care to clean your face thoroughly so that you completely wash off any leftover splash on your face. It is also important that you keep your razor cleaned and lubricated to ensure the best results.

Once you use this product, you will notice a dramatic improvement to the quality of shave. If you are looking for a close shave, with less irritation and without the intense smell, this is the product for you.

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