Mojito Wrinkle Releaser

$ 13.95

  • Removes most wrinkles in minutes
  • Save time and the headache of ironing
  • Save money on dry cleaning bills
  • Plant-based formula is less sticky and just as effective as supermarket brands
  • Big 32-ounce bottle lasts for dozens of uses

Scent: Citrus-mint that is light and won't linger

Ingredients: Conditioned water, plant-based quaternary compound, fragrance and preservative

Instructions: For detailed instructions, visit the wrinkle releaser instructions page

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Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Smells really good!

Works great and smells good too! Good amount for the price compared to other wrinkle sprays. Will definitely buy again!

Effective without fake floral scent

I am surprised at how well and quickly this product works. Plus, it doesn't have the strong fake floral scent of other products.

Works Well

This spray works well. Since I have a tendency to a) leave my dresses in a wad on the rocker and b) leave my laundry in the basket, I ALWAYS have wrinkled clothing. So this makes me look presentable. It's works on cotton, linen, rayon and polyester blends. I've never used it on wool, but it likely would work on lighter weights. It seems expensive, but the bottle I bought lasted about 2 years. I use it a few times a week.

Wrinkle Release that actually smells good!

Releases wrinkles, even on my linen blend pants, & also has a refreshing scent. So nice to find one that doesn't smell like dryer sheets.

Awesome product! BUY IT

Haven't ironed clothes in years, so this works (for me) as the physical equivalent of the sensory improvement that Fabreze provides.