Unscented Wrinkle Releaser

$ 11.95

  • Blasts away most wrinkles in minutes
  • Leaves clothes fresh and presentable without having to iron
  • Unscented so it's great for household items like drapes and table linens
  • Plant-based formula is less sticky and just as effective as supermarket brands
  • Big 32-ounce bottle lasts for dozens of uses

Scent: Unscented

Ingredients: Conditioned water, plant-based quaternary compound and preservative

Instructions: For detailed instructions, visit the wrinkle releaser instructions page

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Customer Reviews

Based on 183 reviews
Wrinkle Free

This is the best anti wrinkle product ever! I just bought some linen clothes for hot Southen Florida and it works fantastic on them. I just spray lightly and shake out the wrinkles and voila! And it doesnt smell and come in a very large size for the price! Im hooked! Thank you for a great product!

Thomas W. Fish
Wrinkle free

Great fix for wrinkles! No more wrinkles.

Past Downy user converted on first use!

I LOVE this stuff!!! Works better than the store brand and it doesnt have a scent. The Downy brand smells so chemically. This is a breath of fresh air!

ashley jones
Love this! Magic in a bottle

Love this really has no scent and works like magic in a bottle, I never fold laundry the same day as doing it so always end up with wrinkled shirts and after spraying this on, giving it a good shake and smoothing it out they look like they just came out of the dryer!!!!

E. R.
Easy and quick with great result

I used the cold iron spray on all my blouses and it worked wonderfully. The blouses look so much better and totally fit to wear. It is way less time than ironing and the product is excellent. I love this product.