Does Wrinkle Releaser Work? January 19 2016

I'm sure a lot of people hesitate to shell out hard-earned money on a wrinkle releaser for fear that it might not work. First of all, we have a 100% happiness guarantee. So if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact us, and we'll take care of you. Still not sold? Here are some places to find more information.


Does Wrinkle Releaser Work?

The first place to start your research into if does wrinkle releaser work, is to check out the reviews on Amazon. You'll see that most people are satisfied by the performance, and this goes for most brands, not just ours.

Good House Keeping, a trusted source, has also reviewed one of the leading brands. When asked if wrinkle releaser works, their verdict is that wrinkle releaser is a great way to get casual clothes looking fresh.

We completely agree with this statement. Wrinkle releaser really does work, but we have to be careful to not confuse it as an ironing replacement. Rather, it is an ironing alternative. Don't expect wrinkle releaser to make your dress shirt look fresh from the dry cleaner pressed. Wrinkle releaser works great on casual clothes, and even dress clothes, but it does not replace ironing or pressing. It is simply an alternative, that in most cases will have your everyday clothes looking great.

We found an interesting thread on Trip Advisor where someone asked “Do Wrinkle Sprays Really Work?” The thread got 11 responses from travelers whom have had some experience with wrinkle releaser. One of the responses was very keen. KCO from Ottawa says “it depends on the wrinkle”.n

Yes, this is very true. Having used wrinkle releaser for five years now – almost daily – I will say, not every wrinkle is the same. Wool and most real cottons work great. Deep wrinkles in stiff fabrics are bothersome. But that's true even if you're ironing so you can't really blame wrinkle releaser. I have personally found that the cheaper cottons, like synthetic cotton, are tougher to treat. So if you're asking do wrinkle sprays really work, the answer is yes, but you may have a tougher time with deep wrinkles and stiff fabrics.


Does Wrinkle Releaser Work: The YouTube Verdict

YouTube is probably the best place to weigh in on your final verdict to the question: does wrinkle releaser really work? Plenty of Youtubers out there have taken the time to do live demonstrations, which is awesome because this is probably the best way to actually see wrinkle releaser in action without having to buy it.

Last but not least – let's talk about cruise ships. Cold Iron was invented as a result of going on a cruise and not being able to pack an iron. On Cruise Critic, we found a thread that had 21 great responses about people's first-hand experience with wrinkle releaser. If you're lucky enough to be going on a cruise, check out Cruise Critic, and definitely pack some wrinkle releaser.