How to Get the Best Electric Shave December 14 2023

how to get the best electric shave

Every man wants a long-lasting close shave. Most men prefer an electric shaver for the ease of use and portability. However, they are finding that they need to shave again at the end of the day before that dinner meeting. The need to reshave is because they aren’t taking the proper steps to get the best shave ever. 

Why an Electric Shaver

Why choose an electric shaver? There are so many reasons to choose an electric shaver, so let’s talk about a few of them. 



Electric shavers can be costly to get a good one. With that being said in the end you will find that you save money over cartridge sets or straight blades. You may put out a large sum of money upfront, but you won’t be replacing cartridges and blades all year long. An electric shaver will save you upwards of $250 or more a year. 


An electric shaver is the quickest way to get ready in the morning. You can shave in as little as 5 minutes in a grab and go fashion. You can take an electric shaver with you and shave on the subway or bus during your morning commute.

An electric shaver can save you time and money when traveling. You can keep your shaver in your carry-on bag in the airport, you can’t do that with a cartridge razor. You can shave in the plane bathroom. The best part is you don’t need to worry about having shaving cream. 

Wet or Dry

You can shave wet or dry with an electric shaver. Dry shaving does not require shaving cream so you don’t need to worry about running out or remembering to buy any. Dry shaving gives the flexibility of shaving on the go.

Wet shaving can be done with an electric shaver. This, however, can be a touch more time consuming as it requires shaving cream. It does take away the flexibility of shaving on the go. Either way, you can get the best electric shave. 

How to Get the Best Electric Shave

You can that fresh from the barber close and clean shave with an electric shaver. It may add a few minutes to your shaving routine, but you will want to develop a Pre Shave routine. The extra minutes will be totally worth it. 

Pre Shave Routine

For a dry shave routine, you will want to shave before you shower. You will want to make sure that your skin, beard, and razor are completely dry. You can use a pre-shave splash like Old Ron's Electric Pre-Shave Splash to help lubricate the blades and absorb moisture on the face. The splash aids in the hair standing up and creating a close long-lasting shave. 

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For a wet shave, you will want to shower or wash your face with warm water. This will open up the pores and soften the hair. Then you can use shaving cream, slather it on your face and completely coat the hair. Let it sit for a few minutes to soften the hair more. This will allow for a close smooth shave.

You will want to make sure that your razor is charged, cleaned and lubricated. Your razor won’t do you any justice if it is dying. Low battery power causes pulling and tugging on the facial hair.

Lubricating the coils and the blades will keep them free moving and cool. When the blades heat up they wear down quicker and aren’t as sharp. Leaving you to have to sharpen or replace them more often. Making these steps a part of your routine will lengthen the life of your razor and it’s blades. 

Good Razor

Being sure to invest in a good razor from the beginning will ensure fewer issues with getting the best electric shave. When you use the razor daily you will want to make sure that you have a good one that will last a while as well.

Some of the best razors available are foil-based opposed to a rotary shaver. A good foil shaver with leave a closer shave due to the flexibility of the blade. They are also better on sensitive skin and easier to clean. 


Working on your angle and amount of pressure you use is vital to figuring out how to get the best electric shave. You will want to work against the direction of growth, lifting the hair rather than cutting with stubble on your face. This will keep your hair standing up and push flat-lying hairs up. Meaning you won’t miss hairs.

Remember to be patient and be thorough. It won’t come easy and you will have to work to get it the way you like it. There will be areas of the face that are going to be tougher to get than others. So, practice makes perfect. 

That’s the Buzz

You can get the best electric shave, it takes a little practice and routine building. You will also need to make sure you purchase the best razor for your needs. Developing a pre-shave routine is important and easy. You can also dry shave or wet shave with an electric shaver. You will get out of it what you put into it. So, make a routine and practice.