Can You Iron Wool? April 27 2023

Can You Iron Wool?

Wool is a durable, natural fiber prized for its warmth and comfort. You likely own at least one wool clothing item already! Caring for wool can be a bit tricky, though. For example, how should one prevent wrinkles in wool? Can you iron wool?

Wool can be ironed, but care must be taken to protect the material from scorching. It is best to use a steam iron on a “wool” or 300° F setting, and a pressing cloth when ironing wool. Other, less jeopardizing ways to reduce wrinkles in wool also exist. One of those ways is wrinkle releaser spray, which we will cover in this article.

Keep reading to learn more about how to safely iron wool, the steps to take to protect your wool clothing, and other, safer ways to release wrinkles from wool clothing.

Is it safe to Iron Wool?

The first thing you’ll want to check is the clothing label. Some wool clothing will specifically warn you against ironing the garment.

If the clothing’s label allows ironing, be sure to use a steam iron. Steam tends to be a bit gentler on wool, and allows greater control overheat and application. Your steam iron should have a “wool” setting. Go ahead and set your iron to “wool”. If no such setting exists, set the stream iron to 300° F.

Next, turn your wool item inside out. Take a pressing cloth and lay it over the section of the wool garment you’d like to iron. This pressing cloth is a simple piece of white or undyed cotton fabric that is placed between the iron and the garment. It helps provide a bit of protection for the wool, while still allowing the steam to do its work.

Make sure that your steam is on, and iron carefully over the pressing cloth, making sure to keep your iron moving. When finished, turn your wool garment right side out and hang it up to dry fully before wearing. If this seems a bit complicated or if you don’t have an iron, are there other ways to eliminate wrinkles in wool?


How Can I Prevent Wrinkles in Wool With No Iron?

If you don’t have an iron available, wrinkle-release spray products are an effective substitute. Keep the wool garment on a hanger for this process. Spray the wool garment down five times with the wrinkle release spray, and gently smooth out wrinkles with your hands, tugging lightly on more stubborn wrinkles.

Repeat this process for the back of the garment as well, and allow the item to air dry while hanging up. Give your wool garments 24 hours to rest between wearing to help keep them looking beautiful, and allow them to retain their shape.

You can further protect wool by storing wool garments on a hanger and keeping them protected in plastic while in storage. You’ll also want to air dry your wool, and keep light and dark colors separate in the wash. Be careful not to fold wool, as this can wear down its fibers faster. These simple steps can go a long way in caring for your wool, and preventing future wrinkles in the fabric.


So...Can Wool Be Ironed?

Wool can be ironed but must be turned inside out, and a cotton pressing cloth should be used between the garment and the iron to help protect the wool from direct heat. Be sure to use a steam iron set to “wool”, or to 300° F, and keep your iron moving as you work.

Make sure that you air dry as opposed to machine-dry your wool clothing. Wool clothing should be hung up as opposed to folded to best retain its shape and prevent damage. You can also release wrinkles from wool by spraying a garment on both sides with wrinkle-release fluid, and gently massaging out wrinkles by hand. Leave the garment to air dry on the hanger, and wear it after 24 hours.