Wrinkle Release Spray Really Works August 22 2015

You've woken up a little too late, or perhaps you hit the snooze button one too many times, and you're in a rush to get out the door...then it happens. You can't find something to wear that isn't wrinkled or dingy, or both. It's happened to all of us, and it always comes at the worst possible moment. But now you have some firepower against Murphy's Law: Wrinkle Releaser, and it really works.

Wrinkled shirt, wrinkled pants, wrinkled skirt, wrinkled suit. Leave the iron be, and reach for if the wrinkle release spray.

We decided to test our wrinkle releaser. We wanted to know how it stacked up against the toughest jobs to see if wrinkle release spray really works.


The Test: Does Wrinkle Releaser Work?

We wanted to see the varying degrees of wrinkle releaser effectiveness on various types of fabrics. For this test we took each one of the items listed below and first, sprayed them with a very light misting of water. Next, we placed the items in a laundry basket and smashed them down. The idea was to create as many wrinkles as possible. Finally, we left the basket for a 24-hour period, hoping that our test garments would get nice and wrinkly.

  • Cotton t-shirt
  • 100% wool sport coat
  • 400 thread count bed sheet
  • Polyester blend dress shirt
  • 100% cotton oxford dress shirt
  • Cotton khaki shorts

Returning to our samples 24 hours later, we were delighted to find some terribly wrinkled fabrics. We knew right away that we were definitely going to find out if wrinkle releaser really works.

Next, we applied Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser as per the directions, which are spray, smooth, hang and wait five minutes. We took care to not over-wet the fabric, as well as paying close attention to the smoothing process which is very important. Hanging the pieces was easy for the clothes items, but for the sheet, we hung it over a shower rod.

After five minutes the fabrics were mostly dry. There were a few wet patches remaining, likely from where we over-applied. So we re-smoothed those areas and came back in another five minutes.


Test Results: Does Wrinkle Releaser Really Work?

So does wrinkle releaser really work? The answer: yes.

Each of the garments looked remarkably improve compared to there starting point, which was severely wrinkled. We estimate that over 90% of all winkles disappeared. The t-shirt turned out the best, and the khaki shorts were the lowest performer. A note about the shorts, they were the most difficult to apply the wrinkle releaser, and did not hang very well. We think maybe a little practice is in order for the shorts.

Still not convinced? In our next test we're going to compare wrinkle releser to ironing, steaming, and hanging in the shower.