Electric Pre-Shave Splash 101: Enhance Your Experience of Using an Electric Razor June 06 2024



Are you a seasoned electric shaver user or have you just become a fan of electric grooming? This blog post will help you enhance your experience. We will talk about the pre-electric shave tips for electric shaving, more specifically, what is an electric pre-shave splash, what are its benefits,  how does it work, and what is it made of? Moreover, we will also guide you toward the resources that help you understand: what to look for in an electric pre-shave splash and how to use it. 

1) How to improve your electric shaver experience?

When you shift from a traditional razor or a wet razor to an electric shaver, you might see some differences in performance. Electric shavers are more convenient and have many other benefits, but they may not provide a shave as close as a wet razor for some people. This is because different people have different types of beard and skin. However, if you are facing this issue, don’t worry. The good news is that you can improve your facial hair and skin to get a closer shave with an electric shaver. This is where an electric shave splash comes in handy. 

2) What is an electric pre-shave splash? What are its benefits? 

An electric pre-shave splash is a lightweight liquid that you apply to your face and neck before shaving. It helps you improve your facial hair and skin condition and makes them more suitable for electric shaving. It brings both, a better shave and more efficiency. You get a shave as close as the one you get from a safety razor. Apart from that, it makes it extremely easy for you to use your electric shaver. It also enhances your post-shave experience by preventing irritation.

3) How does an electric pre-shave splash work? 

An electric pre-shave splash helps you get amazing electric shaving results by raising your hair so that it can be easily cut by the electric shaver. It does that by removing the excess moisture and oil from the skin. Moreover, it provides lubrication so that the razor can easily glide across your face. An electric pre-shave splash contains specialized ingredients for each of these purposes.

4) What is it made up of? 

Different electric pre-shave products contain different types of ingredients to help you achieve your clean shave goals. Most often you can expect two types of ingredients in your splash, one to clean your skin and remove oil, and the other to condition your skin so that the electric razor can easily glide. The Natural Citizen Electric Pre-Shave Splash contains Alcohol Denat and Isopropyl Myristate. The former sanitizes your skin, reduces oil, tightens your skin and hair follicles, raising the hair, and provides a cooling sensation. The latter reduces friction to prevent the risk of cuts and nicks.

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Want to know more? 

As we promised, let’s share some more resources with you that can be helpful for you if you want to know more about the electric pre-shave splash. You can read about things to consider when buying a splash here and the tips to get the most out of your electric pre-shave routine here. 

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