Plant-Based Wrinkle Releaser Ironing Alternative September 22 2014

If you need an ironing alternative when traveling or just on the run, use a wrinkle releaser to take away crinkles without having to fool with an iron. Our product is a plant-based fabric relaxer with the proprietary ingredients of conditioned water, plant quaternary compounds, preservatives and fragrance.

Do note that as with other sprays, wrinkle releaser sprays are possible eye irritants and not safe for human or animal consumption. Avoid swallowing and keep away from children and pets. Do not spray in your eyes. If you do have eye contact rinse your eyes with water and seek medical attention.


Plant-Based Wrinkle Releaser

This product is great for travel. Pack your bags, toss in a TSA-approved 3 oz. bottle of wrinkle release spray and you are off and running. We offer a travel size spray that smells like a sea breeze, a touch of spice or yummy orange blossoms. 

If you want a larger bottle, the original plant-based wrinkle releaser comes in a clean citrus mint scent. The 32 oz. spray bottle is the perfect “get it together” wrinkle release spray for business people. You will never feel sticky; in fact, you won’t even realize that you have sprayed your clothes. Your wrinkles just disappear. 

Frequent travelers use this spray after they arrive at their destination. They take their rolled up clothes, spray them down, smooth out the wrinkles and hang them up. You can use this spray on shirts, suits, and trousers. Your clothes will look fresh, and you will look and feel professional. 

Wrinkle release spray will not straighten out creases in paper products, shoes or your skin. Your rumpled-clothes release spray was intended for use on fabrics only. Our formulation is safe on most fabrics, but be sure and test a small area especially if your fabric is silk and or rayon. 

How to Order

You can order our plant-based wrinkle releaser through our website here at, or at  Cold Iron is the perfect solution to keep your traveling wardrobe looking fresh. Your credit card information is secure when you checkout through You do have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied or feel that this product does not match the advertising.