Wrinkle Releaser Reviews August 22 2015

If you read Cold Iron's wrinkle releaser reviews about us on Amazon, then you'll see that most people are happy with us. As of this writing we're at four-and-a-half stars, which is pretty good by Amazon standards. Digging into some articles about wrinkle releaser and some wrinkle releaser reviews, this is what people are saying:

Note: these are merely our opinions about the observations of what customers are saying about our products. These views are a matter of opinion and do not imply statements of fact about our competitors or their products.

Wrinkle Releaser Reviews

Not Sticky: many people have raved about the fact that our product is not sticky. This is probably because we do not add certain ingredients to our formulation like silicone. Some manufacturers might be adding this to formulations as a way to improve the way the product sprays. There is a patent for it at least, which we think COULD be the cause of the stickiness. We use decyl glucoside as our emollient and apparently it's not sticky, according to the wrinkle releaser reviews.

Packaging: many people have said that they chose us because of the package. This is a matter of personal opinion, but we agree with the wrinkle releaser reviewers whom have said this, our packaging blows the competition out of the water. Sure, packaging does not improve the performance of the product, but it does make giving wrinkle releaser as a gift, a better proposition. And, it's nice to see on your shelf, which is always fun.

Smell: wrinkle releaser reviews many times talk about the scent. The fragrance industry is huge, as we all know, so why not take the time to craft products that are going to appeal to the senses. We took an artisinal approach with this aspect of our formulations and hope to release new scents in the future that are unique.


Wrinkle Releaser Reviews: Where We've Messed Up

We're the first to admit that we have had some negative wrinkle releaser reviews. Here they are, and what we've done about it.

Bottle leaked: we started out by shipping our wrinkle releasers with the sprayer as the cap. This was a disaster. Sprayers do not provide the best seal, and as our athletic friends at UPS whipped around the packages, the bottles would at times leak. To correct this, we started shipping the bottles with a screw cap. Proceed to problem 2, as created by this.

Sprayer not included: By putting a cap on the bottle, we would then have to put the sprayer in a bag with the bottle. Unfortunately, we had a huge problem with the sprayers falling out of the bag during shipment. We use a 3rd party fulfillment service (Amazon) so Cold Iron does not get to visually check each shipment before it goes out to the customer. Unfortunately, bags were getting shipped without sprayers. To fix this we have started taping the sprayers to the bottle. Negative wrinkle releaser reviews related to missing sprayers have all but stopped.

But wait...there's more!

Our product designers have fallen in love with stand-up pouches and we will be transitioning to these. These bags make it almost impossible for the sprayer to fall out because the bag is zip lock sealed AND heat sealed.