Does Wrinkle Releaser Work on Polyester? November 22 2019

At Natural Citizen, we often get asked does wrinkle releaser work on polyester?” This article aims to answer that question in detail because unfortunately it’s one of those “well, it depends” kinds of answers.

First off, what is polyester?

Polyester is a generalized term for any textile or fabric that is made using polyester fibers or yarns. It is a shortened name for a human-made and synthetic polymer, which is most commonly referred to as a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). All of this sounds extremely scientific, but basically, polyester is a kind of plastic. The bottles that many of Natural Citizen’s products come in are PET. PET is also the kind of bottle that is used for water bottles.

Wrinkle Release Spray WILL NOT Work on 100% Polyester

Does wrinkle releaser work on polyester?, the answer is a resounding NO for 100% polyester fabrics! No. Not ever. Never. It’s plastic and the wrinkle releaser won’t absorb into the fabric.

How to de-wrinkle 100% polyester fabrics?

Those looking for a way to get the wrinkles out of items like tablecloths, curtains, shower curtains that were 100% polyester should consider one of these alternatives to get wrinkles out of 100% polyester

Iron: Use an ironing cloth or second layer of fabric to avoid scorching and use the proper setting

Heat: Try the dryer – the permanent press feature is designed for polyester

Steam: Just like with wrinkle releaser, the water won’t absorb into the fabric, but the steam’s heat will help, so give steaming a try


Wrinkle Releaser is safe on most fabrics and, and it is the most effective on soft cotton-like t-shirts and wool suits. But Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser and polyester will not be friends. Here is why.

And that is precisely why Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser is not going to work on any items that are made of 100% polyester. Since polyester is basically a plastic-like substance, the wrinkle releaser will not absorb into it, and therefore, it will not iron it. Sometimes, wrinkle releaser works on polyester blends, as long as there is a majority percentage of cotton (approximately 60% cotton or more).

If you are not sure if some of the things you want to iron are 100% polyester, it is the best possible practice to check the label. A lot of these types of items are 100% synthetic most of the time, and winkle releaser will not work on them. Those items mainly are:

  • Table Cloths
  • Shower Curtains
  • Drapes/Blinds
  • Winter Coats

Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser is a perfect everyday alternative to fighting wrinkled clothing, and it will serve you greatly when it comes to minor touch-ups between dry cleanings.

Summary: Does Wrinkle Releaser Work on Polyester?

If you are in doubt about the materials that will benefit from Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser and which ones will not benefit from it so much, do not worry. Here is a summary:

Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser will work the best on wool, Oxfords, soft cotton, cottony t-shirts and dresses, polyester blends, flannel materials.

Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser will work fine on heavy cotton, chinos, denim, and poplin, and it might iron canvas, heavy knits, recycled cotton. When it comes to silk, rayon, satin, you should iron them with caution. Be sure to test Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser on a hidden area before use.

And of course, avoid 100% synthetic fibers.

Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser is the original plant-based alternative to traditional ironing. Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser has been saving people world-wide the hassle of ironing since 2012. Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser is plant-based and just as effective as the supermarket brands, available in with different fragrances and also fragrance-free. Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser is also available in travel size available, so your clothes are not wrinkly when you are on the go.