Wrinkle Releaser is the Road Warrior's Best Friend August 22 2015

My first job out of college was in financial auditing and it required two weeks of travel to client sites, then one week in the office. I spent at least 10 nights per month in a hotel room back in those days. I lived out of a wheelie suitcase and outfitted myself in wrinkle resistant polyester blend pants and dress shirts. Let's just say that in certain lighting my clothes were quite shiny. Polyester tends to get shiny as it wears out. If only I had known about wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control, perhaps I could have saved myself from the polyester faux pas that I was living.

The last thing I wanted to do while on the road was iron. Yes, every Hampton Inn I ever stayed in had an iron and an ironing board (I was a diehard Hampton fan in those days because of the breakfast (French toast sticks) (yes please)). Maybe I ought to do something productive today and contact this Hampton fellow about supplying his rooms with wrinkle releaser plus odor control? But, I was also 22 years old and preferred to spend my time out exploring the towns of the western United Sates, and damaging my liver in the evenings, and then doing some novel writing when I got back to the hotel.

Wrinkle Releaser Plus

I did not want to be couped up in a Hampton Inn ironing my dress shirt for the next day. Wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control would have been the way to go. I just wish I had known about wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control sooner. I could have saved myself the damage to my corporate image being known as the guy draped in countless yards of threadbare polyester. I must have looked like a 1970's used car salesman and not a financial auditor. 

I had my go-to pants. Calvin Klein black polyester blend. Man, those things could take a beating. Thankfully, I'd usually lose them in some hotel room before they could wear out too badly. Then, back to Macy's and I'd have another pair of plastic pants for the next trip.

Being a road warrior also means that you're going to be smelling a little funky from time-to-time. Especially if you're doing inventories in hot warehouses in Mexico, in the summer, like I did one time. That's why wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control would have been a lifesaver. After a few days south of the boarder, in a hot warehouse, the essence of man really starts to manifest in some polyester pants. I think I threw that pair of pants out before flying back home.

My accounting days are over and I do not travel to warehouses in Mexico – but I still travel. A lot. And having plenty of wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control on hand is about as essential to me as having a Scotch and a sleeping pill before a red-eye.