Travel Wrinkle Releaser - A Pro Secret October 14 2016

When travelling either locally or abroad, it’s a nightmare for most people having to carry a space consuming iron or having to search around for one. With Travel Wrinkle Releaser, all you need to carry around a reasonable sized bottle of TSA-compliant 3 oz travel wrinkle releaser that contains the ingredients: conditioned water, plant quaternary compounds, preservatives and fragrance. With these high quality ingredients, this product makes a compact plant based fabric relaxer.

travel wrinkle releaser

Travel Wrinkle Releaser

Essentially how the product works is when someone sprays the water onto the garment the wrinkle releaser covers the fabric and the gravity of the water does the remaining work by stretching the fabrics and panning out the wrinkles. The ingredients in the travel wrinkle releaser lower the surface tension of the water, allowing the water to better cover the fabric without getting too wet. A great result of this spray is that it leaves no discomfort, you won’t feel wet or sticky when you put the clothes on, you will feel fresh and ready to go.. 

To make travelling easier this travel wrinkle releaser offers a specific sized remover for the purpose of travelling (3oz). It has a very exotic fragrance to it that smells like a sea breeze and has a touch of orange blossoms. The pleasant scent is just enough to freshen up your clothes and brighten your mood without competing with your other fragrances.

For a lot of people who travel frequently, their clothes are rolled up in their suitcases, all they would need to do is get them out and spray them down, smooth out the wrinkles and hang them up ready to dry in no time. The spray can be used on all kinds of clothes, shirts, tops, suits and trousers. 

A larger bottle of wrinkle releaser can also be purchased that comes in a fresh citrus minty scent that is very clean and refreshing. The bottle is much bigger than the regular bottle at 32 oz, this is the perfect sharing product that your friends or family can use when needed when travelling aboard and before going off for a nice meal at a fancy restaurant.

Alternately, If you’re away on business and constantly are in need of snapping out a new suite, this product at its size can be a key tool for success in your style, bringing you more confidence and less stress trying to iron with a regular ironing equipment.

The Wrinkle Remover is a great and effective alternative to ironing or going to the dry cleaners. The ironing process can all be done with the simple use of the Wrinkle Remover.


When using the Travel Wrinkle Remover please be aware that the ingredients in the spray can cause possible eye irritations like many other sprays. This spray is not designed or safe for human consumption or animal consumption. Please avoid swallowing the liquid and ensure it is kept away from children and pets. Do not spray into eyes, however if one does quickly rinse with water and seek medical attention.

Our product formulation has proven safe with most fabrics however to ensure your clothes do not sustain damage, please spray a small amount on clothing to test if safe to use, especially on silk or rayon. Learn more about all of our products and try one today!