Can You Iron a Wool Suit? September 09 2017

can you iron a wool suit

Can You Iron a Wool Suit?

Ironing a wool suit will most likely shorten the suit's life. However, if you must, then a nice steamy iron with a clean soleplate, set to the proper wool setting, will knock out wrinkles and make your suit look fresh. Just be careful and follow these three simple rules:

  1. Before use, clean the soleplate by dragging the hot iron across a damp bathtowel
  2. Set the iron to the lowest setting and use distilled or bottled water 
  3. Use a presscloth as a barrier btween the soleplate and the delicate fabric

The One Secret Suit Trick You Must Know 

Forget the iron. Grab this...

Cold Iron wrinkle releaser is the fastest and easiest way to make your suit look fresh without having to wrangle with an iron or subject your suit's delicate fibers to harsh heat. Wrinkle releaser relaxes the fibers naturally and pulls out most wrinkles. Best of all, it takes just minutes to work! It is also especially effective on wool suits. So yes, you can iron a wool suit, but why would you when you could simply spray, smooth, and hang instead.


  1. Hang the jacket on a proper suit hanger
  2. Remove any lint with a lint roller
  3. Spray approximately five times per side
  4. Hand-smooth the fabric, working the the wrinkle releaser into the fibers
  5. Tug any pesky, deeper wrinkles
  6. Repeat the process for the pants
  7. Allow adequate dry time before wearing
  8. Repeat the process if neccessary


  • Less is more with wool – start with about 5 sprays per side
  • Allow adequate dry time before wearing

Choosing the Right Wrinkle Releaser

We make it easy to choose the right wrinkle releaser because we have the best product and the most options.

Our wrinkle releasers come in both scented and unscented formats. Either format is fine for your suit. Sometimes the scented format is good for those wanting to freshen up their suit. Unscented is also great for those planning to wear cologne and don't want competing scents.

Cold Iron wrinkle releaser is the most time and cost effective way to make your wool suit look presentable and that doesn't harm the fabric.

Ironing Time Consuming Best Harsh
Steaming Time Consuming Acceptable None
Wrinkle Releaser Minimal Acceptable None

Suit Care

Buy TWO Pairs of Pants

This trick is about as classic as martinis. Suit pants wear out much faster than suit jackets. So buying a second pair of matching pants will literally give your ensemble more “legs”. But here's one super-important piece of advice when using this strategy: evenly rotate the wearing/use of each pair of pants, because you'll want to dry clean all three pieces together. Dry cleaning causes color loss, so by taking each piece in at the same time, the color loss will be even.

Hang Your Suit Properly

This one is quite simple: invest in proper suit hangers. Flimsy metal hangers meant for shirts will make your suit look flimsy as well. Step up to the plate and invest in the proper equipment. Also make sure to give your suit a proper brushing and lent rolling from time to time to remove contaminants that may damage the fabric over time.

Traveling With a Suit

A garment bag is the advised way to go, but if a garment bag is not in the cards then try this method.

  1. Inside-out the jacket and fold it into a square, lengthways first, then doubled over. This protects the outside of the jacket while in transit.
  2. Now for the pants. Fold along the crease as normal and double over. 
  3. Lastly, make sure to sandwich your suit between protective items like a few t-shirts. 
  4. When you arrive at your destination, immediately hang on a proper hanger and use Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser to remove any pesky wrinkles that hitched a ride.