How to Iron A Sport Coat *Correction* DO NOT Iron a Sport Coat! May 27 2021

iron a sport coat

Why you SHOULD NOT iron a sport coat

Ironing a sport coat breaks down the fabric. Instead, try one of these other methods to freshen up a sport coat without the possibility of damaging your investment.

We’ve all been there. You need to pack your suitcase and no matter how careful you are, your sports coat comes out wrinkled. Perhaps you had in the back of your closet for a few months. 

People often use an iron on a low setting or iron the sports coat through a towel, but it is never a good idea. Different fabrics will respond differently to the heat and steam of the iron. 

Steaming and Ironing 

Regardless of how many people told you that you could iron your sports coat, don’t. Another trick people think is a good idea is to hang your sports coat in the bathroom and let the hot shower run. 

The wrinkles will come out, but you will also ruin the shape of the coat. Your sports coat is made to stand up and not hang on your as a shirt does. The steam will make the coat droop and it will not look good. 

A hand streamer is a better bet. You have more control over the streamer. You can also only steam the wrinkles and creases, without steaming the entire sports jacket. 

Ironing wool or other fabrics can singe the material. The heat will also break down the fibers and that will ruin the shape of the coat and reduce its lifespan. It can also make the surface shiny, which is not a good look. 

Ironing a sports coat will also stretch it out. Once the fibers start to break down, pushing the iron on it over and over again will cause the fabric to stretch out. 

Certain man-made fabrics will get damaged very quickly from an iron. They become shiny and can burn very quickly. Even blends of natural and synthetic fibers in a sports coat should not come in contact with an iron. 

Ironing is fine for a lot of fabrics. Cottons and linens can handle the heat and often need to be ironed when they are deeply wrinkled. But they can get burned, and the water inside the iron can get rusty and stain your clothing. 

Steamers can work very well and are an easy alternative to ironing. People don’t often like to heat up their iron just to do one item. Steamers can be a great way around ironing. 

Steamers come in various sizes, so they are great to take with you on holiday, traveling for work, to keep in your office, and to use at home. Steamers are perfect because they target the stop you want, not the entire garment. 

Wrinkle Releaser Sprays 

There are several different wrinkle releasers on the market today that you can use to remove wrinkles from your clothing. Choose one from a well-known brand name that makes products for laundry. 

Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser is a plant-based spray for getting wrinkles out of your clothes. It’s ideal for people who need to travel a lot, or just want to freshen up their clothing without having to get out the iron for one item.

This product is great for natural fibers, like wool, cotton, and linen. It works well on heavier fabrics, as well, like canvas and denim. It does not work as well on synthetic materials, but luckily, many synthetics don’t wrinkle as badly. 

There is a scented and unscented version, but the scent is pleasant and disappears once the fabric is dry. It is not as overpowering as many of the other brands available. 

It is available in various sizes, which makes it perfect for having one at home, one at the office, and one ready to take with you in the suitcase. Carry one with you when you are out and your sports coat gets creased from sitting. 

Wrinkle release sprays are a great way to get rid of wrinkled spots in your clothing quickly and safely. They are smaller and more compact than irons and steamers, particularly for those on the go.

Sprays are so convenient as you don’t need water or electricity. You don’t need very much and you can use it almost anywhere. Perfect for touch-ups to garments after you get out of the car or have been sitting for some time.

Don’t Iron Your Sports Coat 

Even when you are being careful with your iron, accidents can happen. You don’t want the coat to get ruined, so keep the iron away from it. Sports coats are often very durable and only get wrinkled in certain areas. 

Using an alternative to irons and steamers can not only be more convenient, but you can extend the life of your clothing and keep them looking great for much longer.