How to Pack for a 5 Day Business Trip October 08 2019


Try packing for a 5-day business trip! Think of how to fit everything you need into one manageable bag. One of the most difficult tasks during the preparation is what and how to pack for the business trip. We usually advise travelers to prepare a checklist of the items that are vital and essential to their trip.

Apart from the checklist, we also recommend that travelers should prepare and package essential documents to change some cash to the currency of their destination country to avoid unnecessary delays, especially for a short business trip.

For the best travel experience, here are the basic tips on how to pack for a 5-day business trip.

Choose your method of packing

The roll method is our favorite way to pack for travel. You can fit more clothing in one bag and it actually reduces wrinkles. There is also the squeeze bag method (below) and the traditional fold and stack method, which we don’t recommend.

Simply stack your clothes flat and roll. We recommend the bottom/outside layer begin something bulky like a sweater or long sleeve t-shirt. This provides a better wrap for your stack.

pack for a 5 day business trip

Here we did 1 long sleeve t-shirt, 3 t-shirts, a pair of khaki shorts and a pair of jeans. It all rolled town to not more than the length of a notebook and is only a few inches thick. When unrolled, wrinkles should be minimal. Nothing that Cold Iron wrinkles releaser sprays can’t take care of.

pack for a 5 day business trip

Look how much room is left in the carry-on. WOW!

pack for a 5-day business trip

Few pants, more shirts

Pants, Jeans and trousers will survive 2-3 days of wear but shirts can barely survive a single day. This means that you should pack a few pants (2 – 3) and more shirts (6 – 7). Does it seem like you are packing too many shirts? No! You need a spare of a shirt in case of emergencies.

Get some anti-squeeze bags for odds and ends

Utilize squeeze bags for odds and ends like skivvies and stockings, night caps and gowns. Simply stack,  and roll as directed by the bag’s manufacturer. These bags are great for items that will not need to be ironed. Voiding the air pockets with these bags greatly reduces volume. Wow, look at all this space we still have for duty free!

pack for a 5 day business trip

Get a waterproof toiletry bag 

Waterproof toiletry bags are very essential if you are packing all your shirts and toiletries in a single bag. You wouldn’t want your liquid polish to stain your clothes and vital documents of course. Soaked passports are not good.

Leave the essentials on top of the bag

While arranging your bag, pay attention to the essentials and leave them on top of the bag where they can be easily accessed. Items like your passport, wallet, ID card, eyeglasses, drugs, etc, should be placed at the top. You wouldn’t love to unload the entire bag simply because you want to pay the waiter during the stopover. 

Bottom line

These are just a few of the basic tips and tricks of packing for a 5-days business trip. Many other tips can be useful for your journey. Therefore, we advise to check a couple of travel gears and properly plan and select what to and hot to pack for your business trip.