Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner by Natural Citizen November 03 2016

You never know just what kind of mess you’ll have to clear up at home. Food stains, pet stains, kid stains, water stains: the sheer number of ways a house can get messy is staggering. Different messes can require special cleaning equipment and cleaners, and over time you may find your storage spaces overly filled with cleaning supplies. Concentrated plant based all purpose cleaner cuts down on this problem significantly. Just one bottle for many uses IS the way to go.

Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner 

While it’s always good to be prepared, having to buy so many different kinds of cleaners can be cumbersome. Furthermore, having large numbers of different kind of chemicals around the house isn’t always the safest thing, especially if there are children or pets in the house. As a result, it’s usually best to keep harmful chemicals to a minimum at home. However, you don’t need a lot of harmful chemicals to keep your house clean. There is actually a wide array of safeer cleaners to be found in stores and online that make keeping your house clean safe, easy, and even environmentally responsible. An excellent example of this kind of special cleaning product would be the Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner by Natural Citizen

Natural Citizen aims to create products out of ingredients that are as close to nature as possible. We love ingredients that are gentle yet effective and when we can, we will offer products that are unscented like our fragrance free plant based all purpose cleaner. This product is plant based, and contains powerful dirt fighting soap made from plant and vegetable oils. We zoop it up with some germ fighting denatured alcohol, which is also plant derived. 

Almost all of the ingredients in our plant based all purpose cleaner are made from plant-based sources except the preservative which is a synthetic ingredient and is NOT considered natural. For that reason we do not describe our plant based all purpose cleaner as “All Natural” because clearly, it is not. It’s made mostly from plant derived ingredients, but does include a small percentage of a synthetic preservative. 

Uses for Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner by Natural Citizen 

With our Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner by Natural Citizen, you can clean almost wherever you want without having to worry about getting nasty and dangerous chemicals on your furniture, cooking ware, hardwood flooring, or anything really. We say almost because since this is a soap-based formula, it might darken or stain porous surfaces, so be careful and test a small area first. 

When it comes to home supplies, less is always more, which is what makes the Plant based All Purpose Cleaner by Natural Citizen so amazing. Make your own concoction as strong or light as you like, and since its unscented, feel free to add a few drops of your favorite fragrance. No need to worry about adding carrier oils, as the alcohol already present will do the job. Some people even believe that thyme and pine oils have antiseptic cleaning properties, which might be another way to upgrade your plant based all purpose cleaner should you choose. 

Chemical cleaners can smell very strong, and can be harmful to inhale at any stage, even after it’s been used to clean a surface. Plant based all purpose cleaner by Natural Citizen eliminates the need to air out your house yet still provides a tough dirt and grime fighting punch.