Repel Mosquitoes Safely with a DEET Free Bug Spray July 15 2015

People of the Great Outdoors - from all over the world - feel safer and more confident with a DEET free bug spray. DEET (N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide or diethyltoluamide) is a type of oil that is widely being used in many different brands of insect repellents. As a matter of fact, many believe that DEET is the effective ingredient in repelling insects. However, recent studies have proven that DEET may not be as safe as many think it is. There are even recommendations on having to check insect repellent bottles to ensure that it doesn’t contain more than 30% of DEET, otherwise, its effects may be very harmful. DEET is also only advised to be sprayed or applied on the skin only once daily. For those who spend endless hours outdoors every day, a DEET free bug spray must be used for added safety and confidence. 

Why Use Bug Spray

DEET free bug spray is not only used by campers or those who work in fields where they are exposed to insects of all kinds, but insect repellent is also highly in demand for families especially those with kids. Mosquitoes are abundant even in cities and some homes. Insect bites are not only irritatingly itchy, but can also bring diseases. Some mosquito bites can be so dangerous that it will cause one to be confined in the hospital for days or weeks. In some cases, deaths are also recorded because of tiny insect bites. All these could be prevented only if an effective insect repellent was used.


deet free bug spray
deet free bug spray ingredients

Why DEET Free

For those who have already realized the added safety of a DEET free bug spray, many look for brands that are affordable yet highly effective. Natural Citizen’s DEET free bug spray comes in large 8 oz spray bottles, which is a much better value than the 4 to 6 oz. versions from the competition. This insect repellent is made from all-natural ingredients such as purified water, soybean oil, 7.5% essential oils including lemon eucalyptus and cedar, vanillin from vanilla beans, citric acid from citrus fruits and xanthan gum from corn. Though generally safe to use, like most bug sprays, this should be kept out of children’s reach and is not recommended to be used by pregnant or nursing mothers and kids under 3 years old. Each application is good for four hours and may be reapplied twice within a 24-hour period.


Why Natural Citizen

This bug spray boasts of a pleasant earthy smell that is definitely loved by humans but keeps insects away. Rather than chemicals and synthetic oils used by leading brands, this DEET free bug spray uses a special combination of real essential oils that some studies show have are just as effective as DEET.