The Story Behind Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser June 19 2015

The Story Behind Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser 

Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser was started while going on a cruise to Mexico. I needed a suit for the formal dinners and I was wondering how I was going to keep it looking fresh, because you're not allowed to take irons on cruises. I also like to pack light and tend to stuff things into my suitcase. That's how I found out about wrinkle releaser.

I bought a bottle of the popular stuff and took it with me on the cruise. I was blown away at how effective it was and immediately became hooked. I knew this stuff wasn't going to change my life, but it sure did have a place.

But, there were a few problems.

I didn't like the smell, or what was in it, and the bottle looked terrible. So I said, “there has to be a better way”. I wanted to make a wrinkle releaser that I liked. Something that is great for t-shirts, suits, etc.

Where Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser was Born

Cold Iron is made in Long Beach California at a local factory that is family-owned. They've been doing production for over 30 years and they make a couple of other very well known products that you can find at retailers nationwide.

I chose his factory because they're a family run business, we work one-on-one, and they helped me formulate Cold Iron.


What's Inside Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser and How it Works

Then there are the ingredients that we use. There are all natural ingredients in our wrinkle releasers, and there's a very big commitment to that.

The way Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser works is that it makes water wetter. It makes water more viscous and that water will cling to more the fibers on the garment. It makes it heavier and then you let gravity stretch it out. That's why we hang it.

So that's what we're doing. We're basically making water wetter, covering more fibers and then letting gravity do the work.


Who is Old Ron?

Old Ron, the the guy on the back of the bottle, came from dropping the “C” and the “I” from Cold Iron and you get Old Ron. The story behind him is I wanted to pay tribute to maybe a couple generations ago when people still wore suits a lot and they still got their shoes shined. There was just a greater acceptance [higher standard] for looking good on a daily basis.

So I said “well why can't we at least try to look good in the busy days of our current era?” So something like Cold Iron might help us on our busy days when we might not have time to pull out an iron or run to the dry cleaners. With Cold Iron, you can look good without all the effort, so you Don't Go Around Looking Like a Dope, and look like you have some sense.