Traveling Lite - Travel Size Wrinkle Releaser July 01 2015

An adventure is not about what you take with you, it’s about what you find when you get there. As a minimalist and Adventurer, I pack light and travel far. I will at times go more than a week with no more than a small school-sized backpack, and the clothes on my back.

I recently took a trip to London and these are the things that I took to help streamline the adventure.

Micro Charger by Lention





One thing I hate about walking around a city is looking like a tourist, with a bunch of bags and beltpacks. If I can’t fit it into my pocket, it DOESN’T go with me out of the hotel. I will spend upwards of 12 hours a day away from the hotel, and use my phone throughout the day.  I searched far and wide for a charger that would fit in my pocket without being too bulky.  This is the flattest, smallest one I could find and I am more than thrilled about how I don’t even know it’s in my pocket.

Now, I can travel around a town like London, snapping pictures, taking video, and leaving EverNotes to myself. More importantly, I can step outside of Starbucks and use their Wi-Fi signal to make a Skype call! Free long distance from London is great stuff.

Tactical Wallet by Drifter


Like Archer's tactical turtleneck, but it holds money. I bought this bad boy because it has zippers, nothing will fall out. Imagine losing your debit card and having limited access to cash while abroad because it fell out of your wallet. It is constructed with canvas, is double stitched, and has a nice lanyard on it that you can use with the carabiner to secure the wallet to your belt buckle. Pickpockets be gone!



It's a Secret...It's also a Pouch

As far as pickpockets go, I always like to keep an extra cash stash and my most important credit cards, and sometimes even my phone and cord, in this handy dandy pocket in your pants. I'm a big fan of ScotteVest, but if you're not ready to invest in a nice pair of multi-pocket pants, then this is a way to get started. Everything that you need to keep safe that could possibly fall out of your pocket is secure. What's more, you don't even realize it's there.

Once again, I use this for more than just cash and cards. I stow my phone here most of the time too.



Tactical Travel Size Wrinkle Releaser

travel size wrinkle releaser

Travel wrinkle releaser is the #1 way to pack light. You can stuff more in your bags and don't have to worry about how your clothes will look when you pull them out.

I was actually in London for a trade show and certain events required a suit. As a light packer, I only ever travel with no more than a carry-on, so I just rolled up the suit and when I got to the hotel I laid out the suit out sprayed it down with wrinkle releaser. The I hung it out to dry and it looked like I picked up fresh from the cleaners in a matter of minutes. No one at the show would've ever realized I had packed the suit in my carry-on!

See our wrinkle releasers here.



Next is my iPhone. Nothing new here, but this is how I now take all my pictures and video while traveling. I have since sold my nice camcorder and I never use my point-and-shoot camera anymore. Show me a camera or camcorder that also makes phone calls free with Skype, can find you directions, and records notes while you're traveling.

Remember all the talk about the phone charger? This is why. Never leave without a charger.

Robert Withers is the founder of Natural Citizen. He is currently planning a road trip from his base in Southern California, to Colorado, Santa Fe, and Joshua Tree. He will be taking nothing but the clothes on his back a few toiletries, and of course, a bottle of travel size wrinkle releaser.