Wrinkle Releaser Plus Odor and Static Control October 19 2016

When I first graduated from University, I got a job in the financial auditing field that sent me across the country on two-week long business trips to visit clients. I had to live out of a suitcase for a minimum of 10 nights every month. Choosing wrinkle-resistant synthetic fabrics such as polyester helped, but they did not offer the professional style I wished to present. As my dress shirts and pants began to wear out, they would shine to an unattractive degree under fluorescent lighting in the office buildings. If I had known about wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control then, I could have worn much more professional outfits without worrying. 

wrinkle releaser for travel

No one wants to bring an iron and ironing board on a business trip or vacation. Some hotels and inns have ironing boards in each room, such as the Hampton Inn that I love staying in at the time (They have delicious French toast sticks too!). But as a young career person, I was much more interested in checking out the nightlife in the western US, sampling the bars' signature cocktails and having fun than staying in my room ironing. 

Wrinkle Releaser Plus So Much More

Instead of putting an iron in each room, perhaps the Hampton Inn and other quality hotels across the country should stock wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control. I certainly wish I had known about it back in those days. I can just imagine what the high-powered businessmen must have thought about the young worker covered head to toe in worn-out, shiny polyester. I probably looked like a reject from a 1970s car lot rather than an educated financial auditor. 

I remember the outfits like it was yesterday. Because they were easy and matched everything, I always grabbed the Calvin Klein polyester blend slacks in black. They would last and last, just getting shinier as the months went by. When it got too bad, I tended to accidentally forget them in one hotel room or another. A quick trip to the store got me a replacement pair of the same horrible synthetics. 

Not only was I battling wrinkles in those days, but the laundry facilities in hotels are not always the greatest either. Nobody wants to take their polyester pants down to a local dry cleaning shop and hope to get them back before you needed to move on to the next location. One summer I found myself in Mexico, walking through roasting warehouses and counting stock. That was one time when wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control would have definitely come in handy, especially the odor control part. Imagine 90° plus in polyester pants. That pair probably got "forgotten" in the hotel trash can.

The Verdict on Wrinkle Releaser 

Those days of hot Mexican warehouses and two-week trips across the country are gone, but my love of travel still remains. One of the first things that always goes into my bag is a bottle of wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control. It has become as important to the travel experience is my toothbrush. And now, I get to wear pants that do not look like shiny plastic after a few washes.