Does Wrinkle Release Spray Work November 20 2020

does wrinkle releaser really work

So, does wrinkle releaser work? Yes, yes, and yes. Wrinkle releaser works and this article will show you how. Wrinkle releaser works great on most fabrics, for example...

  • T-shirts - yes
  • Blouses - yes
  • Chinos - yes
  • Dress shirts - yes
  • Polyester - sometimes
  • Drapes - sometimes
  • Forehead wrinkles - NO! (believe me, we have been asked)

When I found out there was an alternative to ironing, I jumped on the idea. I don't need to drag out the iron for just one shirt. Sometimes bulky items are easier to spray down. You may have also heard about wrinkle releasers, which is an ironing alternative, but does wrinkle releaser actually work?

The answer is yes. 


Does Wrinkle Releaser Work?

So there are regular wrinkle releasers and then Cold Iron, which is plant-based. So what's the difference?

In 2012 Natural Citizen came up with the idea to produce a plant-based, clean and wonderfully magnificent wrinkle releaser. Another great question: what is plant-based vs natural? At Natural Citizen, to us, plant-based means that the active ingredients are derived from plants. Our Cold Iron wrinkle releaser is plant-based. The active ingredient is derived from a plant source instead of an animal source or synthetic source. The plant-based active ingredient does the same thing that non plant-based ingredients would. 


What is Natural Citizen’s Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser?

Cold Iron It is the original plant-based ironing alternative. Often imitated! But we were the first back in 2012 :) It works by absorbing into the material, softening the fibers and allowing the wrinkles to straighten out. The active ingredients lower the surface tension of the water, allowing the water to better penetrate and cover the fabric. The, gravity does the rest. By hanging the fabric and allowing it to dry, the wrinkles naturally pull out and smooth.

All you have to do is:

  • Hang the garments on a hanger.
  • Spray a little wrinkle releaser over the garments.
  • Hand smooth the surface for tough wrinkles.
  • Allow the garment to dry and wear...wrinkle free!


What do other people say?

This is the key question – does wrinkle release spray work? Let’s have a look at what some of our customers  say.

Cassandra – Sooo much better than the other stuff!!

Not going to single anybody out here, but Natural Citizen’s Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser blows the competition out of the water. It smells great, with a nice clean note. Performance wise it works better too. This wrinkle releaser is a great value given its quality and packaging.

Marilyn – Works great, so much faster than steaming

I had a very wrinkled curtain that needed steaming. It took forever and was a daunting process. So, I got some Natural Citizen’s Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser and sprayed it down with this wrinkle release spray and it worked in minutes. The majority of the offending wrinkles fell right out.

Brian - Tried others, but this is the one!

I travel a lot for my job and the Natural Citizen’s Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser helps out so much because my shirts look fresh and I don't have to check a garment bag or worse yet, iron in a hotel room. I tend to find that spraying with the travel size wrinkle releaser at night is the best way to go. That way the shirt has plenty of time to dry and is ready in the morning.


Any drawbacks?

Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser is not going to work on any items that are made of 100% polyester. Since polyester is basically a plastic-like substance, the wrinkle releaser will not absorb into it, and therefore, it will not de-wrinkle it. Sometimes, the wrinkle releaser works on polyester blends, as long as there is a majority percentage of cotton (approximately 60% cotton or more).

With such astounding odds, and great reviews, there is no reason to doubt whether wrinkle release spray works. Try some today by visiting our Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser collection, here.