How to Use Travel Wrinkle Releaser December 01 2021

how to use travel wrinkle releaser

Wrinkled clothes...ugh! When you see someone with rough t-shirts or pants, you instantly think they haven’t tried; and it just gives off a bad impression. You try your best, but clothes wrinkle at the slightest thing. When you travel, it’s worse and it’s incredibly frustrating. You don't want everybody thinking you're a bum, but you're traveling. So what are you going to do!

Let’s say you’ve planned a short weekend break away. You iron and pack your clothes (carefully) in your suitcase. You arrive at the hotel, open your case, and every single item needs to be ironed. It’s a nightmare. Fortunately, Travel Wrinkle Releaser can be the ideal way to iron out those creases. So, what is travel wrinkle releaser, and how to use it?

Grab a Bottle of Travel Wrinkle Releaser

Travel wrinkle releaser is an easy-to-use spray. You can apply the spray to any item of clothing, and it’ll smooth out most wrinkles within minutes, if not sooner. It leaves a fresh scent on your clothes and is ideal for travel and a quick on-the-job refresh. Since travel wrinkle releaser is compact, it can be easily carried in your bag and can rescue crumpled and disheveled clothes. Travel wrinkle releaser is created to interact with the fabric, allowing it to relax and smooth out creases. It’s incredibly effective at getting stubborn creases and wrinkles out.

Travel wrinkle releaser is also cost-effective and great for a variety of fabrics. With the spray, you can get a quick refresher and be ready within minutes. It removes wrinkles quickly, removes statics, and keeps the clothes fresh.

How to Use the Travel Wrinkle Releaser?

Use this handy scale...

how to use travel wrinkle releaser


Firstly, you do not need to iron the clothes. So, lie the item of clothing flat on a surface. You could also use a hanger if it’s easier. Then lightly spray the Travel Wrinkle Releaser across the clothing. When you have stubborn creases, you might need several sprays to get those wrinkles out. You need to allow a few moments for the spray to take effect and the creases should begin to disappear. You could hand smooth or tug the areas with the toughest creases. Allow the spray to dry and the item should be ready to wear.

Despite what you think, you don’t always need to get the iron out to remove the wrinkles. You can easily use the Travel Wrinkle Releaser to get effective results. It takes seconds to apply and minutes to see the results.

Does It Really Work?

The Travel Wrinkle Releaser spray works! The spray softens the fibers and wrinkles are smoothed out almost immediately so there isn’t any need to iron. You hang, spray, give it a tug, and leave to dry. It’s that simple. The only thing is that you need to be careful with clothes made from 100% polyester as the spray mightn’t be absorbed well; however, it can work well with most other fabrics.

A Simple Formula

There is nothing worse than having to get an iron board out just to iron one shirt. It’s not ideal and can be a huge pain in the neck. Whether you are at home, in the office, or on the road, it’s annoying because you’ve ironed them, and you don’t want to do it again. Fortunately, with the Travel Wrinkle Releaser, you get an effective tool to fight against creases.

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