The Wrinkle Releaser How To July 12 2015

 This article is a quick How To on how to use Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser on a variety of different garments. Our wrinkle releaser is plant-based and is gentle on all fabrics, so the sky is the limit on what you can treat to effectively remove wrinkles in minutes. 

Wrinkle Releaser for Shirts

Our wrinkle releaser performs great on T-shirts, and on most button up shirts. T-shirts and button up shirts should be sprayed  with wrinkle releaser while hanging on a hanger. Three to five sprays on each side of the garment is plenty.

We have noticed in tests that certain recycled, and lower quality cottons, are more difficult to work with. For particularly difficult garments consider tossing the garment into a dryer for 5 to 10 minutes after spraying with wrinkle releaser.

Polyester blends are actually very good with our wrinkle releaser. As a frequent traveler myself, I prefer polyester blend shirts - and a good bottle or two of Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser.

Wrinkle Releaser for Shirts

Wrinkle Releaser for Pants

Wrinkle Releaser for Pants and Shorts

The best way to apply the wrinkle releaser is by using a hanger that has clips. This way you get a nice, flat surface to spray. However, if you do not have a pants hangers with clips, another trick is to drape the garment over a chair or on the bed allowing the garment to lay flat.

As usual, spray smooth and hang and allow the shorts or pants to dry. A great place to hang pants and shorts for drying is over a shower rod, because this allows air to reach both sides of the garment while the wrinkle releaser dries.

Wrinkle Releaser for Tablecloths

Tablecloths are a pain to keep wrinkle-free. Many times we pull one out of a drawer when company is coming, and find that it is heavily wrinkled. Solution: forget about the iron. The most effective way to treat a tablecloth is to drape it over a door, on the back of the couch, or over a clothesline or shower rod. Then spray generously with wrinkle releaser and smooth the tablecloth. Then place it in the dryer for 5 to 10 minutes. If you don't have a dryer, or would prefer to be more green, hang the tablecloth over a shower rod or on a clothesline and allow it to air dry.

Wrinkle Releaser for Tablecloth

Wrinkle Releaser for Suits

Wrinkle Releaser for Suits

My favorite application for wrinkle releaser is wool suits. Especially on the back where the creases appear after you'e sat down in a car or in a chair.  Over time you will begin to see creases where the suit gets scrunched up.

A little bit of wrinkle releaser on suits goes along way. In fact use less wrinkle releaser than the 3 to 5 sprays on each side. Keep it around three. Wool seems to retain more moisture, so less is more.








If you stumble across this blog and have any of your own ideas about how to use our wrinkle releaser, please shoot us an email and tell us what you have found out. We love to hear new ideas