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How To Iron Dress Shirts Like A Secret Agent

Learn how to iron dress shirts like a top-secret agent with these simple tips. Shoddy shirts make you look like a dope. You know it. People at headquarters know it. Everybody knows it! Learn how to properly iron dress shirts and look like a winner on your next top-secret mission. READ NOW!

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Can You Iron A Wool Suit?

Learn about the proper way to iron and care for your suit. Our London Laundry Ironing Spray makes the job a lot easier. Or, perhaps you've just run out of Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser and you don't own a steamer. In this case you might just have to iron that suit, so learn the proper way here. READ NOW!

Repel Mosquitoes Safely with a DEET Free Bug Spray July 15 2015

We worked with a real entomologist to create our very own DEET free bug spray. Chemicals like DEET may be cheap yet very effective, but are they worth it? Why not play it safe and use a natural product? Our DEET free bug spray is made only from ingredients that come from nature and in a formulation whipped up by a real bug doctor.

The Wrinkle Releaser How To July 12 2015

We get emails every day about how to use our wrinkle releasers. This blog series The Wrinkle Releaser How To is meant to educate our fans about the many ways to effectively use Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser. Read up and share your own ideas too.

Traveling Lite - Travel Size Wrinkle Releaser July 01 2015

 I am a big traveler, and things are about to heat up even more as Cold Iron starts finding its way onto shelves of retail shops across America. I will be all over the place doing demos and meeting our fans. That said, I know a thing or two about travel and want to share my knowledge with our fans. Read on to find out a little bit about what I know.

Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser - The Story June 19 2015

This is the story about the cruise to Mexico that started it all. Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser was started out of necessity and its actually a pretty funny story. If you're a fan of Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser, then you'll definitely want to check this out.

What is Isothiazolinone June 05 2015

Isothiazolinone. What the heck is that? 

It's the preservative we use in our wrinkle releaser. Preservatives are a touchy subject for the natural products community, but this is one that many of us use in our products. 

What is Decyl Glucoside May 18 2015

Decyl glucoside is used in lots of natural products, including our wrinkle releaser. Its made from coconuts and corn. Isn't that coconuts!

Natural Wrinkle Releaser Ironing Alternative September 22 2014

Learn why wrinkle releaser can help make your life easier. Why waste your precious time ironing? Wrinkle releaser can give you almost the same result of a fresh-from-the-dry cleaners garment, but with zero effort. At just a few cents per use, wrinkle releaser is a no brainer.