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How To Iron Dress Shirts Like A Secret Agent

Learn how to iron dress shirts like a top-secret agent with these simple tips. Shoddy shirts make you look like a dope. You know it. People at headquarters know it. Everybody knows it! Learn how to properly iron dress shirts and look like a winner on your next top-secret mission. READ NOW!

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Can You Iron A Wool Suit?

Learn about the proper way to iron and care for your suit. Our London Laundry Ironing Spray makes the job a lot easier. Or, perhaps you've just run out of Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser and you don't own a steamer. In this case you might just have to iron that suit, so learn the proper way here. READ NOW!

How to Use DEET Free Insect Repellent Effectively December 23 2018

how to use deet free insect

DEET Free Insect Repellent Spray contains no harmful ingredients and is safe to use on skin. Natural Citizen’s product is made from real essential oils, unlike other natural brands who use synthetic versions of essential oils in their products.

What is a Fiber Relaxer in Wrinkle Releaser? December 06 2017

what is fiber relaxer

A fiber relaxer in wrinkle releaser is a wetting agent...which is a surfactant. But what does that mean? In this article you will learn that answer and more about some common uses for these types of ingredients.

Can You Iron a Wool Suit? September 09 2017

can you iron a wool suit

Learn about the proper way to iron and care for your suit. Perhaps you've just run out of Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser and you don't own a steamer. In this case you might just have to iron that suit, so learn the proper way here.

Plant Based All Purpose Cleaner by Natural Citizen November 03 2016

Natural Citizen's plant-based all purpose cleaner is tough on dirt and grime yet made from plants. As a concentrated formula, it is also a more earth-friendly way to clean because there is less packaging waste and transport. Learn more about this powerful cleaner and try some for yourself!

Wrinkle Releaser Plus Odor and Static Control October 19 2016

Learn the story behind the genesis of Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser, told by a former road warrior whom fell in love with the concept of wrinkle releaser. Maybe our wrinkle releasers could help improve your life too!

Travel Wrinkle Releaser - A Pro Secret October 14 2016

Traveling near, traveling far? No matter where you're traveling to, some wrinkle releaser is a must-have. It is a travel nightmare to carry an iron, even a travel iron. Even if your hotel offers an iron, it is still a chore to iron. That's why travel pros use wrinkle releaser to look fresh while on the go. In this article you will learn tips and tricks to use wrinkle releaser on on your trips.

Will Wrinkle Releaser Really Help My Clothes? October 05 2016

Ironing is a chore...and a bore...and anyone who has tried wrinkle releaser will tell you that it is definately a time-saver. But does it work? Read this article and find out, then try some of our Cold Iron wrinkle releaser and find out for yourself.

Does Wrinkle Releaser Work? January 19 2016

We collected some of the best, most reliable evidence on the web to prove that wrinkle releaser works. We read threads on message boards, watched YouTube videos and read testimonials from some of the web's most trusted resources. Read this, learn more about wrinkle releaser, and try it!

Wrinkle Releaser Reviews August 22 2015

You spoke, we listened. We talk about some of the reviews we've gotten over the years and how they've shaped our company. We take what our customers say very seriously and continue to try and improve our products.

Wrinkle Releaser is the Road Warrior's Best Friend August 22 2015

This article explains some of the inspiration behind why we created wrinkle releaser plus odor and static control. Road warriors everywhere know what its like to live out of a suitcase. Wrinkle releaser makes that life just a little bit more tolerable.

Wrinkle Release Spray Really Works August 22 2015

We conducted a thorough test on various types of fabrics to see if wrinkle releaser works and if there is a difference in performance on various fabrics. The results were great, and yes: wrinkle releaser works. Learn more about how best to use wrinkle releaser in this article.

Natural Bug Spray with Essential Oils August 21 2015

Our Deet-free bug spray that is all-natural and made with essential oils is selling out fast. But what is a natural bug spray and what is the definition of all-natural? This article helps to explain some of the choices we made behind the ingredients that go into our deet free all natural bug spray with essential oils.

Homemade Wrinkle Releaser August 21 2015

Having pursued many DIY projects over the years, I have found that some work, some fail, but in many cases it can be better to just buy store-bought and save yourself the time and hassle. Wrinkle Releaser is no different. Homemade versions simply don't stack up.

Why is There a Surfactant in my Wrinkle Releaser? August 05 2015

Let's talk a little about the science behind Cold Iron Wrinkle Releasers. What are surfactants? What's a non-ionic surfactant? Why are they adding these things? Where do they come from?

Repel Mosquitoes Safely with a DEET Free Bug Spray July 15 2015

We worked with a real entomologist to create our very own DEET free bug spray. Chemicals like DEET may be cheap yet very effective, but are they worth it? Why not play it safe and use a natural product? Our DEET free bug spray is made only from ingredients that come from nature and in a formulation whipped up by a real bug doctor.

The Wrinkle Releaser How To July 12 2015

We get emails every day about how to use our wrinkle releasers. This blog series The Wrinkle Releaser How To is meant to educate our fans about the many ways to effectively use Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser. Read up and share your own ideas too.

Traveling Lite - Travel Size Wrinkle Releaser July 01 2015

 I am a big traveler, and things are about to heat up even more as Cold Iron starts finding its way onto shelves of retail shops across America. I will be all over the place doing demos and meeting our fans. That said, I know a thing or two about travel and want to share my knowledge with our fans. Read on to find out a little bit about what I know.

The Story Behind Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser June 19 2015

This is the story about the cruise to Mexico that started it all. Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser was started out of necessity and its actually a pretty funny story. If you're a fan of Cold Iron Wrinkle Releaser, then you'll definitely want to check this out.

What is Isothiazolinone June 05 2015

Isothiazolinone. What the heck is that? 

It's the preservative we use in our wrinkle releaser. Preservatives are a touchy subject for the natural products community, but this is one that many of us use in our products. 

What is Decyl Glucoside May 18 2015

Decyl glucoside is used in lots of natural products, including our wrinkle releaser. Its made from coconuts and corn. Isn't that coconuts!

Plant-Based Wrinkle Releaser Ironing Alternative September 22 2014

Learn why wrinkle releaser can help make your life easier. Why waste your precious time ironing? Wrinkle releaser can give you almost the same result of a fresh-from-the-dry cleaners garment, but with zero effort. At just a few cents per use, wrinkle releaser is a no brainer.